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XS CAD - Look at Software Used for Architectural Rendering

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in the architectural environment, the ‘cover’ or final photo-realistic image needs to be both accurate in reflecting design concepts and dimensions and must be appealing…

residential construction drawings, architectural drafting, residential design drawings

Designing a home is a deeply personal and conceptually technical exercise – personal for the home owner and technical for the home designer and homebuilders. As in any design process, aesthetics marries technical processes for a lasting union….

Residential BIM Modeling, BIM Modelling, Construction Drawing Sets

When it comes to single unit homebuilding design, the industry has experienced significant changes in the way that the design is managed due to the increased use of 3D software and in particular BIM (building information modelling)….

BIM Modelling | Architectural Drafting | Architectural Rendering | MEP Modelling | CAD Outsourcing

The construction sector is under constant pressure to deliver projects on time and within budget to achieve increased levels of profitability.
The last few years has seen significant investment in pre-construction planning to allow for virtual construction design to ensure that planning and actual building are matched closely. This is where XS CAD plays an important role….

BIM Modelling | Revit BIM | 3D BIM Modeling | Residential BIM Modeling

BIM 360 Team, which is now part of BIM 360 family and was formerly known as A360, and Collaboration for Revit, more commonly abbreviated to C4R, are essentially collaboration tools that are used by various stakeholders during the design stages of a construction project and while providing BIM services….

MEP Modelling | MEP Pre-Fabrication Models and Drawings

The MEP fabrication modelling process is widely used in commercial and residential construction projects today because it improves project schedules which save costs and also improves on-site productivity as well as safety and space utilisation by shifting the fabrication process offsite. Prefabrication modelling offsite requires detailed and accurate MEP (M&E) pre-fabrication models and drawings….

Architectural and MEP Design | Point Cloud to BIM

Refurbishment and renovation projects in the AEC industry typically involve old buildings where modifications in the architecture, structure and MEP systems in the building are typically not recorded or updated for years. When undertaking a refurbishment project, the extent of the renovation depends on whether it is the building being completely stripped or it is the plan to use some of the existing….

BIM Modelling | BIM Services | 3D BIM Modelling

The architectural design process has transformed. What seems to have become an inevitable imperative is the use of information and data-rich models to communicate design intent, assess performance and cost implications and incorporate design changes in the initial stages of the design process….

Architectural 3D Rendering | 3D Rendering Services

Visualising a store before it is constructed from a set of specifications and 2D drawings is not easy, neither for designers or contractors. One of the major reasons why rendered 3D retail images are used is to give a glimpse of the store experience and provide a clear picture of what it will look like, even before it is constructed….

Homebuilding Design | Homebuilder Construction Drawings

Large homebuilders face an increasing workload due to the need to provide accurate and more detailed design models and drawings. With growing skills shortages in their own markets homebuilders are increasingly looking for partner companies to support their workload, usually by looking for international support….