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MEP Modelling | MEP Pre-Fabrication Models and Drawings

The MEP fabrication modelling process is widely used in commercial and residential construction projects today because it improves project schedules which save costs and also improves on-site productivity as well as safety and space utilisation by shifting the fabrication process offsite. Prefabrication modelling offsite requires detailed and accurate MEP (M&E) pre-fabrication models and drawings….

MEP Coordination | MEP Coordination Drawings

It is a key element of MEP design and is concerned with spatial configuration and layout of building services trades (HVAC, pipe work, public health and electrical systems). It also takes into account the location of elements from other disciplines such as architecture and structure….

3D BIM Modeling | 3D Building Services | Bim Services

The building services design industry has seen a lot progress in the past decade. The majority of developments can be attributed to have come from within the industry and few from other sources such as government regulations and economic developments. One of the biggest factors that has led …..

MEP (M&E) BIM | BIM Modeling Services | BIM Modelling

In the last decade, building services projects have seen many developments that have been beneficial. Most of these developments have been contributed from within the industry and also from other sources, such as government regulations and ….

MEP Design Service | MEP Engineering Design

In the MEP (M&E) industry, the smooth progression of an MEP consultant’s design into well-coordinated constructible drawings and models is fundamental to the project’s success. Compared with the architectural and structural engineering disciplines, the structure of a typical MEP project team is typically more

MEP Design Service | BIM Modelling Services | 3D BIM Modelling

In the MEP (M&E) industry, the success of adopting BIM practices depends largely on the level of interaction between the MEP (M&E) design consultant and the contractor. Whereas during the non-BIM era, responsibilities including conceptual design, detailed 3D modeling, and 3D building services coordination have

MEP Design Servcies | MEP Modelling | BIM Modelling

The MEP (M&E) design and contracting industry across the globe faces renewed challenges with the advent of BIM which is increasingly used by AEC firms. Firstly, of all the major stakeholders involved in an AEC project, building systems design and engineering historically formed the last phase of

3D Building Services Coordination | MEP Coordination Drawings

As the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry faces tremendous pressure to deliver optimal projects within stringent deadlines, improving process efficiency and reducing rework is certainly the need of the hour. The design and construction-related rework is one of

MEP Coordination | MEP Coordination Drawings | 3D M&E (MEP) Coordination

MEP is an acronym used for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems for building projects. With the increasing complexity and functionality of each system, MEP activities are not confined to the traditional mechanical, electrical and plumbing system but also…..

MEP Coordination | 3D Building Services Coordination | MEP Coordination Drawings

One of the most integral practices undertaken in the pre-construction phase, MEP coordination demands special attention from all the AEC professionals involved in a project. This process ensures that the building’s architectural design and its structural framework don’t interfere or