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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming increasingly vital for modern construction projects. Not only does it provide a digital representation of a building project, it also facilitates greater levels of collaboration and interoperability within the design environment.

At XS CAD, we provide building information modelling services (or BIM services as they commonly known) using Autodesk Revit. Autodesk Revit is a multidirectional, database-controlled application which allows changes in one view/area to be replicated automatically in all other views/areas where the changed item appears (including layouts, elevations, schedules or the 3D model itself).

By using Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure, we are able to create pre-construction planning design data for diverse projects with the same family of software. This level of interoperability provides obvious time and cost benefits; it also allows the entire project team to view the impact of their individual designs on those of others and to resolve the conflicts based on this knowledge.

As part of our BIM service we are able to maintain all elements of a BIM model within our Integrated Project Delivery approach or provide a BIM service to one party involved in a BIM project but doesn’t have the expertise for BIM model creation and management. In addition to 3D parametric modelling, we provide 4D (time schedule) and 5D (cost) Revit BIM services to our clients.

We currently use 3D BIM modelling application for the following project and customer types:

BIM for Retail — We create Revit BIM models that are used to create detailed plans, sections and elevations as well as accurate equipment and fixture schedules.

BIM Models from Point Cloud & Laser Surveys — We create 3D architectural models from laser survey data. We already work with a number of developers, contractors and retailers to create accurate models of existing sites. Such point cloud BIM models include all current building elements, such as beams, columns, and internal walls, among others. As well as creation Revit 3D models from point cloud data, we model any building alterations and changes from architectural and structural drawings, such as false ceiling and additional structural elements.

BIM for Homebuilders — We create construction drawing sets directly from BIM models created for each house as a part of our residential Revit BIM modelling services. As well as accurate schedules, a full set of drawings required by construction teams is created from the BIM models.

BIM for Architects — We create models during the design development, tender and construction stages of architectural design projects. As well as clash free models with accurate building materials, we create detailed construction schedules from the models.

BIM for MEP Contractors and Designers — Having already created 3D MEP (M&E) coordinated models for a number of years with non-BIM application, we have migrated to Revit BIM software seamlessly, providing customers with MEP (M&E) BIM models, complete with detailed schedules and manufacturing information.

One of the key differences between modern BIM technology and traditional software is that the objects created within BIM models represent actual elements within a construction project. Therefore the information in the BIM model becomes more useful to designers, installers and cost consultants.

As part of our BIM modeling service we also create BIM or family data for Revit Architecture and Revit MEP. This data encompasses physical and graphical elements as well as technical and manufacturer information for the element being modelled. Another key benefit of BIM models is that parametric modelling allows controlled and dynamic manipulation of models. This allows models to be changed quickly and easily within their range of parameters while also maintaining physical appearance and ‘model information’ within all areas automatically.

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