Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is changing the way the construction industry operates, designs and constructs buildings by providing real-world perspectives and experiences in a virtual environment.

XS CAD provides an immersive experience for architects, homebuilders, engineers and retailers by using virtual reality in construction projects. To provide real-world experiences for designs based on standards established by clients, XS CAD uses 3ds Max in combination with a gaming engine to create 3D models and a VR environment. Our VR experience allows clients to view 3D models through VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) and conduct walkthroughs of 3D environments, facilitating 360 holistic perspectives of MEP and architectural models.

By using virtual reality in construction, clients can view and showcase their designs, elevations and layouts in a real-world environment not only for marketing purposes but for internal communication too. Here are some of examples that illustrate how VR is specifically helpful for retailers, homebuilders, architects and engineers:

VR for Retailers

  • Virtual reality helps retailers to evaluate design options and showcase proposals or iron out design, construction and serviceability issues in the initial stages of design before construction.
  • Unlike when designing in 2D, using VR with the 3D models we create allow visibility of the impact of decisions on the design, fixtures and fittings of a retail outlet.

VR for Homebuilders

  • Virtual reality provides homebuilders with the ability to interact and alter designs directly from within the virtual space. By using virtual reality architecture, it can function as an effective means of exploring the relationships between spaces such as the impact of light on a room at different times of the day or year or the views from upper floors.
  • Unlike a physical scale model or BIM model on screen, where one has to imagine what it would be like to exist inside the space, with VR, one can actually experience proportion and scale. While static renders limit the viewer to a few selected perspectives, making it difficult to visualise a space entirely, our virtual reality simulations go beyond animations and fly-throughs.

VR for Engineers

  • Virtual reality helps engineers to understand the spatial coordination of various services and enables them to sense spaces and detect collisions and clashes efficiently.
  • In areas such as plant rooms and congested ductwork service area, VR helps MEP coordinators, MEP designers and contractors to understand depth, distance and size of different services during the design phase.

VR for Architects

  • With virtual reality, architects can experience real-time changes in a virtual world, allowing for a better sense of architectural form and function elements as well as specific aesthetic features such as wall colour, lighting and furniture. By using virtual reality architecture a distinctive, visual pre-construction experience is experienced, providing an understanding of the planned building.
  • VR can help architects understand how individuals navigate their way around a building, which provides a perspective on the design of the space and the improvements required.
  • VR also helps to visualise a model before construction, enhancing effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives which require a perspective of the final building design.

Virtual reality in construction is increasingly being adopted to plan and manage construction projects in a virtual environment. By utilising emerging, immersive technology, our virtual reality simulations help homebuilders, retailers, architects and engineers to view, design and showcase their designs, elevations and layouts in a real-world environment. Our VR simulations, when used in the design and building process, can help achieve faster design and project approvals, better client interactions and increase in client satisfaction. Our in-house R&D team in XS CAD continues to research on the use of immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and how it can be used for various MEP and architectural BIM projects.

Please contact us for more information about virtual reality and how we can help you adopt immersive technologies.

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