How We Work

XS CAD has been managing outsourced architectural and MEP CAD projects for the last sixteen years. In that time we have accumulated extensive experience in the key areas that have helped to develop our company into a world-class organisation.

Our projects are managed by experienced project managers, who are responsible for the delivery of projects to predefined quality standards.

Our approach and processes are different for each client and fit into their requirements, processes and the agreed workflows. However, all of our expertise, experience, systems, processes and protocols are used to build a process and system that our clients are comfortable with. Navigate our ‘CAD outsourcing process’ section for more information.

Retail Architecture Projects

We currently work with some of the leading retailers in the world, providing teams from our offices in Mumbai and supported by our local contact points in the US, the UK and Australia. We take responsibility for detailing the construction drawing sets (CD sets) by  taking the initial design layouts and creating detailed construction issue sheets. We also work with retailers to formulate design drawings based on agreed principles and brand needs. Typically, we are responsible for making up plans that include building related changes and also space planning and equipment items. We work for retailers using AutoCAD, Revit and ArchiCAD technologies.

Our range of customers and projects include the following:

  • Creating 3D models from point cloud data and legacy data for a leading UK retailer.
  • Creating detailed construction drawing sets for a leading worldwide coffee chain.
  • Creating complete construction sets for a leading global fashion retailer.
  • Creating construction drawings and 3D visuals for a leading fashion retailer for outlets worldwide.
  • Creating retail layouts based on brand guidelines and space requirements.

Residential Architecture Projects

We work with leading homebuilders in the US, Australia and the UK. We are responsible for creating detailed construction drawings either using Revit Architecture or AutoCAD Architecture for 3D modelling purposes or by using bespoke software for creation of drawings. We typically work for homebuilders by providing dedicated teams (retained teams) who only work with specific homebuilders. Our range of customers include:

  • One of the leading homebuilders in the US for whom we create site lot drawings, plan updates & detailed construction drawing sets.
  • A leading Australian homebuilder for whom we create steel structure-based drawings, and architectural/framing drawing sets.
  • A leading US-based homebuilder for whom we create Revit Architecture sets.
  • A leading West Australia-based homebuilder for whom we create complete construction sets and 3D visuals for sales team.
  • A large US homebuilder for whom we create 3D rendered images and interactive home plans.

Architectural BIM and 3D Modelling Projects

Our approach varies and is flexible for each type of 3D modelling project, depending on whether the model is for standalone purposes or being used as an input for another processes and projects. Some of the project types we work on include:

  • Single model environment (SME) models for use in projects where we are working within a BIM or IPD framework.
  • Building information modelling (BIM) projects for exterior and interior elements.
  • Construction drawing sets (for retail and homebuilders) using BIM software.
  • 3D solid models for 3D visualisation inputs.
  • 4D CAD models for input into timeline software for construction sequencing.
  • 3D models for architectural design development.
  • Point cloud to Revit conversion by using the point cloud data, we create comprehensive and detailed Revit Architecture and Revit MEP BIM models for a number of worldwide clients.

All such 3D CAD projects rely on up-to-date project information including plans, elevations and section drawings and designs.

MEP Coordination Projects

We have a tried-and-tested process in place for MEP (M&E) spatial coordination projects. Our aim is to deliver high-quality drawings that can be relied on by site teams and our focus is on delivery of drawings within the agreed timeframe and to the agreed quality levels. Our process typically involves the following:

  • Collation and assimilation of project data / information required to complete a coordinated building services model and drawings, which includes architectural and structural layouts, MEP design specifications and MEP design drawings.
  • Set up of a communication and reporting framework to include all project and finance contacts and online collaboration protocols.
  • Production and ongoing management of our own deliverables program to feed into a master subcontractor or main contractor program. This includes a ‘value engineering’ layer which is made possible with the aid of the latest clash-detection utilities available from AutoCAD MEP, Revit MEP and Autodesk Navisworks.
  • Our processes and approach to 3D CAD modelling identifies inconsistencies within the information we are provided with and through identification and subsequent correction we are able to produce 3D CAD models that reflect the actual site with a high degree of accuracy.

For more information about any of the above areas read more in our ‘sectors’ area.

Our Sectors

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