Our Mission

At XS CAD we pride ourselves on offering high quality CAD drafting and CAD modeling services at affordable rates. The focus of our work is to ensure that our customers always benefit from the value that we can introduce whether this is for retail architecture, residential architecture, BIM models, CAD drawings or MEP CAD drawings, models or MEP (M&E) coordination.

Our Mission Statement

‘To add value to our customers business by providing innovative and cost-efficient CAD outsourcing solutions. Our aim is to deliver superior CAD solutions to our customers through our comprehensive approach to project management, quality assurance and our focus on customer relationships.’

By taking ownership and responsibility for the range of CAD services that we offer (ranging from coordinated MEP drawings to coordinated 3D models to 3D/4D building models) we are able to adhere to our mission statement consistently.

In doing so we allow our customers to benefit from competitive costs, high quality levels and the flexibility of an external team that can deal with the peaks and troughs of the CAD design and CAD contracting environment.

Service Charter

Along with our mission we have a clear service charter which sets out to achieve excellence in MEP and architectural CAD design support services and CAD outsourcing:

  • To make working with us simple and straightforward.
  • To ensure that all work is quality-approved before leaving XS CAD.
  • Communicate effectively and when required. Whatever the message, the purpose or the method, we ensure that the net effect is time saved, quality improved and costs reduced.
  • Provide customers with regular updates and access to work in progress.
  • Always meet project deadlines and where possible deliver ahead of schedule.
  • Use the latest technology to add value and reduce timescale and costs.
  • Provide clients with contacts at all levels of our organisation from CAD technicians, project managers to executive management.
  • Retain and re-use knowledge across projects for all customers.
  • Exceed our customer’s expectations for handling and delivering projects.
Our Sectors

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