The Outsourcing Process

Our project delivery methodology is customised and encompasses all aspects of project management and communication. It is underpinned by the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification of our production centre and our own rigorous quality standards.

Although we have extensive experience of how outsourcing can be applied effectively to architectural and MEP projects, we always try and combine the best industry practice with the processes and preferences of our customers. This results in a bespoke process that works for our customers and their projects.

Depending upon whether the project entails CAD drafting / CAD detailing or 3D BIM modelling for architectural or MEP sectors, this combined workflow process is crystallised and then adapted based on continuous improvement inputs from both XS CAD’s and customer’s project team.

The actual process that we follow is supported by a range of key activities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Personal meetings, training and workshops at client sites. We send our production teams to locations across the globe to allow face-to-face familiarisation.
  • Mapping out the internal process to identify CAD / BIM outsourcing options to allow for effective and cost-efficient project delivery.
  • Mapping in the outsourcing stages with appropriate controls to maintain quality and efficiency.
  • Detailing the processes and protocols for day-to-day communication, file sharing, query resolution and quality control.
  • Creating management information (MI) and reporting data that can be used to track performance and deliverables.
  • Ensuring overall governance of the relationship through implementation of service level agreements that are reviewed by senior personnel on a periodic basis.

Contact us for more information about the outsourcing process and for examples of how the process developed by XS CAD provides assurance to customers while delivering effective results.

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