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Hydraulic Design
17 June 2024
Apurva Jain

Navigating the Waters of Hydraulic Design with the Special Capabilities of h2x

Tired of the cumbersome process of calculating, designing and estimating pipe sizing using spreadsheets? Enter h2x – a revolutionary software solution designed to enhance efficiency and elevate the quality of your projects. Gone are the days of manual, laborious tasks; h2x promises a seamless experience, empowering engineers to work up to four times faster while ensuring unparalleled precision, compliance and consistency in the design of hydraulic lines and systems. With its intuitive interface and CIBSE-verified accuracy, h2x sets a new standard for pipe sizing software, simplifying the design process and delivering meticulous results with ease.

Exploring the Impact of h2x Pipe Sizing Software

Why do engineers feel h2x is a game-changer in the design of hydraulic pipe systems? It works as an all-in-one solution for effortless hydraulic design management. The seamless integration that it manages means that it calculates, designs, estimates and handles documentation about hydraulic water pumps, cold and hot water pipes, the design of hydraulic ram pumps and other facets of a building’s hydraulic system design with unparalleled efficiency with these advantages:

  • Heat load calculations are simple and precise.
  • System sizing helps create intuitive design with drag-and-drop functions.
  • Comprehensive, branded reports can be generated quickly and efficiently.
  • The take-off process for Bill of Materials is automated.
  • Client drawings are professional and branded.
  • Installation plans are paperless and can be easily shared with the team.
Easy Heat Loss Calculations
  • Discover the ease of precise heat load calculations with easy-to-use MCS heating design software, ideal for off-plan assessments and on-site surveys.
  • The MCS-aligned results ensure that designs and installations are accurate and fully compliant with industry standards.
Intuitive System Sizing
  • Design system layouts feature easy drag-and-drop features. Connect equipment (e.g. heat pump) and components (e.g. heat emitters) to visualise the entire setup.
  • CIBSE-verified calculations are automated, and intuitive system sizing is carried out with valuable insights on system volume and index length.
Comprehensive, Branded Reports
  • Generate comprehensive MCS-aligned heat loss reports branded with company logos in a fraction of the time.
  • The reports include room-by-room heat loss, emitter summaries, heat pump systems performance, domestic hot water energy usage and costs, providing a clear overview of the project’s performance.
Automate Bill of Materials
  • Download automatically generated, detailed Bill of Materials.
  • Simplify the takeoff process, while covering heat pumps, pipes, equipment, fittings, valves and emitters, saving time and reducing errors in ordering materials.
Elevate Client Drawings
  • professional PDF drawings that include title blocks, emitter schedules and are branded with logos.
  • These clear, detailed drawings help present designs effectively, facilitating quicker approvals and enhancing client satisfaction.
Accurate Installation Plans
  • Keep on-site teams informed with easily shared, paperless installation plans.
  • Teams can access the latest version, with sizes, locations and heights, for a smooth installation process and fewer errors.
Reasons for its Growing Popularity
  • Freedom in mobility: No constraints of physical location as stakeholders seamlessly collaborate from anywhere with a cloud-based solution.
  • Design Mastery: Control sizing parameters while it effortlessly crunches numbers to meet standards.
  • Precision Perfected: No human error or confusion between standards, with transparent, compliant and accurate engineering and no room for ‘rule of thumb’ guesswork.
  • Effortless Redesign – Changes to the architectural layout need not result in restarting the design process.
  • Review Sharing – Instantly share results for review and collaborative input, with everyone on the same page.
  • Cost Estimation – Automatic cost estimation allows the engineer to present cost-effective design choices for each plumbing system, optimising quality and budget.
  • Seamless Integration: Perfect design in h2x and then export into CAD or Revit, ensuring workflow continuity and efficiency.
  • Design with Real Products – Partnered with industry-leading manufacturers, designers can specify real-life products
Ticks All the Pipe Design Boxes
  • User-friendly Interface – has an intuitive design and 200 tutorial videos for easy training
  • Accuracy & Quality – makes accurate CIBSE-verified calculations, eliminating most errors
  • Time-saving – streamlines and automates routine tasks, helping teams complete projects more efficiently
  • Industry-relevant – crafted by engineers, the best tool in the industry provides weekly updates to continuously improve products

To conclude, h2x is the efficient new kid on the hydraulic design block, empowering hydraulic designers to transcend traditional limitations and re-strategise their approach to pipework engineering. With its user-friendly interface, unmatched precision and continuous updates and evolution, h2x redefines the design approach to hydraulic design services. Wave goodbye to tedious calculations and get ready to greet a new era of efficiency and accuracy. The future of effective hydraulic pipework design lies with h2x.

XS CAD has valuable experience providing hydraulic design services for global consultants, contractors and construction design partners. Our hydraulic designers provide hydraulic pipework design solutions, design for hydraulic water pumps and the design of hydraulic ram pumps for global firms. We offer retained teams when required, and we create these models, drawings and BIM services by using h2x, Revit, AutoCAD and BIM Collaborate Pro for cloud collaboration.