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20 January 2022
Kuldeep Bwail

The Difference Between Building Engineering Consultants & Contractors

As author and psychiatrist Scott Peck once said, ‘Share our similiarities, celebrate our differences.’ Building engineering consultants and contractors share certain similarities, but the differences offer an almost holistic resolution of a building project’s MEP challenges using MEP BIM services.

MEP consultant

The MEP consultant has an exhaustive list of duties, such as:

  • Efficient running of mechanical systems – including heaters, air conditioners, exhausts and smoke-related components
  • Designing the complete HVAC system, mechanical, electric, plumbing systems and installation
  • Preparing and evaluating drawings, specifications, price estimates for MEP
  • Creating power–efficient electric design
  • Devising efficient plumbing design, including fire suppression systems, fuel line transport systems in medical and laboratory settings, water, and waste control systems for ingesting water, irrigation water, sewers, etc.
  • Developing long-lasting design with the latest technology
  • Creating a cost-efficient layout
  • Suggesting components and systems that are most useful and easy to maintain
  • Designing MEP systems to preserve healthy surroundings with natural light, moisture control, etc.
  • Developing coverage standards, inspection processes, assessment equipment, renovation procedures for all facilities
  • Creating facility databases and master plan data
  • Preparing cost estimates of MEP additions
  • Providing technical recommendation for setting up and renovating MEP systems
  • Analysing any MEP challenges and devising solutions
MEP Contractors

So, what do building engineering contractors do?

  • An MEP contractor, among many other services, spatially organises a layout for a customer that meets their needs on the site.
  • He/she ensures that processes are followed on site to help build according to a determined design provided by MEP consultants.
  • An MEP contractor also makes certain that the development version and drawings are accurate, clash-free and exactly lined up.
  • The MEP contractor ensures that the drawings and documentation of the MEP consultant is exactly managed on site in spite of any unexpected situations, guaranteeing that MEP components and systems work together seamlessly.
  • MEP contractors manage fitness and protection on site and note and record any issues.
  • They monitor and prevent installation work in case of unresolved clashes at present in drawings.
  • They coordinate with all MEP trades, such as monitoring on-site piped device pressure tests, check air conditioning leakage, check mechanical structures and commissioning.
  • Plumbing MEP contractors ensure that the plumbing system is fitted with stormwater, sewage device, gas or irrigation systems and components that are priced effectively.
  • The MEP contractor ensures that lighting fixtures and other devices are designed to reduce power consumption.
  • MEP contractors help set up devices for renewable power sources.
  • They can instal automatic systems for HVAC, electric, protection and fire alarm systems to maintain inside air, safety and health.
  • They can also provide coordination and quote realistic MEP component and system pricing.

For any successful building project, it is essential to have both MEP consultants and contractors involved in providing BIM MEP services. Having their input can streamline the development of the project while delivering design and drafting services, mechanical CAD drafting services, electrical CAD drafting services and BIM coordination services. With advances in technology and communication, though, it is no longer essential for both MEP consultants and contractors to be present in house, so to speak. Increasingly, many firms are sourcing MEP consultants and contractors through offshore BIM services providers or a mechanical design services company for mutually beneficial partnerships based on reliability, expertise and cost efficiency.

XS CAD has valuable experience as a BIM service provider, providing MEP BIM services for large building engineering services contractors and design consultants. Our range of services for contracting firms across the world include BIM MEP services, design and drafting services, mechanical CAD drafting services, electrical CAD drafting services and BIM coordination services, and we offer retained teams when required. We create these models, drawings and BIM services by using Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks and BIM Collaborate Pro for cloud collaboration