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UK US Houses - Similarities and Differences

A summary of the similarities and differences of architectural design in the United Kingdom and the United States

InternalBlog- Widening Opportunities with Revit Family Models24th Dec 2018

The usefulness of Revit family models lies in its ability to create uniformity, accurate sizing and depict aesthetics that are precise, while using small models to create larger, more complex ones.

Key Features of Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture incorporates structural design and MEP systems design into the architectural framework to develop a building that enriches its surroundings.

MEP Prefabrication - Process and Benefits

Though panels and modules can be efficiently prefabricated, the prefabrication of complete MEP systems is more complex and merits a closer look at the process and benefits of prefabrication.

How BIM Adds Value to Retail Design

Posted - September 27, 2018
InternalBlog-26th Sept 2018

Intense competition in the retail industry drives increased levels of performance across the board, and a key impetus to success in this industry is the visual appeal and functionality of retail outlets. From the point of signing a lease for a new property, the retailer usually faces a race against time to get the new store up and running as quickly as possible.

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Prefabrication in MEP systems is the practice of manufacturing components of building services in a factory or other manufacturing site and transporting complete assemblies of MEP components or sub-assemblies to the relevant construction site.

Outsourcing Now a Better Fit for UK Homebuilders

Gains in capital, revenues, reduction of risks, streamlined workflows, flexibility and effective processes that cater particularly to UK’s homebuilding industry result from outsourcing.

Why Users Prefer AutoCAD for Roof Design Drafting

Though other software options also have extensive tools for roof design, it is the overall user-friendly approach of AutoCAD that residential drafting services professionals tend to prefer.

Architectural Rendering Preferences

Posted - July 25, 2018
Architectural Rendering Preferences

Rendered images of high quality created through suitable software options, in conjunction with architectural design drafting, can seamlessly and wordlessly illustrate design thinking.

Impact of Virtual Design & Construction in Renovation - Redevelopment

Virtual building design using building information modelling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) offers constructive solutions to the challenges of spatial planning in urban zones.