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What’s in a Homebuilding CD Set?

Posted - February 19, 2019
InternalBlog-13th Feb 2019 - What's in a Homebuilding CD Set

CD sets contain vast swathes of information necessary for a clear presentation of construction design. We briefly consider the details included in such residential construction drawings.

InternalBlog-28th Jan 2019

Fire systems design is tailored for each building, involving a holistic approach. For hospitals, fire design service providers must consider different parts of the fire systems design process and what individual systems are most suitable.


Just as every great building begins with a single brick or plank, designing with Revit begins with a Revit family. Revit family creation is a specialised multi-layered field of expertise in design modelling and drafting.

Why 3D Benefits Retail Design

Posted - January 14, 2019
3D Benefits Retail Design

The advent of 3D design improved the effects of retail design in a number of ways.