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With ArchiCAD it is easier to create a virtual building, a 3D Building Information Model (BIM) for an architectural design while concurrently developing coordinated 2D construction documents. The AEC industry makes use of CAD tools to generate 3D models that are useful in study, design and planning of constructed space. The architectural 3D modelling tools play a key role for understanding and visualising the architecture of a building. They help users to easily visualize the exterior of a residential house, office, apartment, hotel and restaurant.

2D CAD drafting is the conventional format of drawings used within the AEC industry. It is a cost effective and creates simple drawings that are easy to understand by drafters and engineers. 2D drawings are usually used for depicting sections, schematics and single or multi service plans. 2D drawings can be generated from 3D ArchiCAD model or drafted by any other CAD software. Taking prevailing record drawings and using conventional drafting methods, the prevailing drawings are totally redrawn in AutoCAD. These drawings are scaled from the original documents and the results are a cleaner, more precise and usable electronic CAD file.

With architectural 3D modelling, customers can visualize the property for better decision making, for leasing, selling or renting out a house or an office. It presents a powerful overview of the actual architectural structure before and after its construction. The architectural floor plans, wall structures and elevations can be used for a better understanding of the exterior of the building, house, office, etc. ArchiCAD 3D modelling provides a 3D overview of the space in a cost effective and time bound manner. The 3D views are taken from various angles and at different light intensities to provide a complete view of the building in proper light and hue schemes. Architectural 3D modelling is prepared based on the blueprints of an early stage of design, but they are usually developed further to extract a greater level of detail that will then transpire in the design documentation which is typically in 2d format.

Benefits of 3D Modelling

  • Using 3D modelling service can enhance design quality to a great extent as it’s far more comprehensive process than 2D design. So, several human errors that can arise with traditional 2D design methods are avoided.
  • The designer using 2D method has to hold quite lot information mentally. With 3D modelling he/she can visualize the entire structure or product with real life simulation and can avoid errors such as incorrect quantities and member collisions.
  • With 2D views, projections could show a particular member in many different views whereas other members might be totally omitted to maintain the accuracy in drawings. This results in poor quantity estimation. With 3D modelling, material estimation process becomes simple as items are represented as they occur in the design. This leads to accurate quantity estimation.

Benefits of 2D Drafting Services

  • 2D Drafting services help draft designs more easily and swiftly without the help of technical drawing instruments
  • It’s used to polish concepts, develop site plans and sketch technical drawings
  • These services allow to share ideas among the employees in the industry and with the clients
  • Using 2D ArchiCAD drafting services, the drawings and templates can be customized more clearly
  • It improves the collaboration between the clients and colleagues

Whether it’s ArchiCAD Modelling or ArchiCAD Drafting, either option can work depending on the skills of drafter, budgets, timeframes, etc. Both have their own benefits and it’s up to the drafter to use both as per the client’s requirements.

At XS CAD, we have an extensive know-how of both ArchiCAD Modelling and ArchiCAD Drafting due to the fact that we have provided ArchiCAD Drafting services to architects and contractors in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and India. To find out more about how your project can benefit from our ArchiCAD services, contact us.