MEP Coordination | MEP Coordination Drawings

Infographic on MEP Coordination by XS CAD

What is MEP Coordination?

It is a key element of MEP design and is concerned with spatial configuration and layout of building services trades (HVAC, pipe work, public health and electrical systems).  It also takes into account the location of elements from other disciplines such as architecture and structure.

Why is it Important?

  • MEP coordinated drawings help the contractor to fit and install building services on site.
  • It resolves clashes during the pre-construction stage which results in time and cost savings when on site.

Key Considerations

  • Clash detection of MEP (M&E) services with other MEP (M&E) services as well as architectural and structural elements.
  • Performance and insulation are taken into consideration when laying out the services.
  • Service access and access locations are considered for post installation maintenance.
  • Bracketing and hanger locations are considered and sometimes modelled to ensure fitting on site.

MEP Coordination Software

  • AutoCAD MEP
  • Navisworks
  • Revit MEP
  • Fabrication MEP
  • Collaboration For Revit
  • BIM 360

Responsibility For Coordination

Traditionally, MEP Coordination has been handled by contractors. The advent of BIM and BIM output requirements for consultants has changed that.

Consultants creating BIM models have to overcome challenges including:

  • Upgrading to 3D software and training teams for delivery in 3D.
  • Sharing models with other disciplines earlier in the process.
  • Increased accountability of their models due to collaboration.
  • Developing spatial strategies for vertical and horizontal areas earlier in the process.
  • Understanding installation requirements for a more effective layout.

Collectively these challenges are helping to produce a more coordination solution during the design phase.  3D BIM modeling at the consultant stage also increases the MEP Coordination workload.

Increased MEP Coordination = Skills Shortages = Use of External Coordination Experts

MEP Coordination Experts

Services Provided to Consultants

  • Interference-free 3D models.
  • Design drawings for all key areas.
  • Design schematics.

Services Provided to Contractors

  • Installation standard 3D models.
  • Installation drawings with sizes, dimensions and levels.
  • Builders work / penetration drawings.
  • Manufacturing and spool drawings.

MEP Coordination Skills & Knowledge

  • Technical specifications for equipment being used in the model.
  • Industry standards and regional code standards.
  • Software knowledge and application.
  • Client specific standards for model and drawing output.
  • Project specific schedules and timing for phasing deliverables.