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In the building design and construction industry, construction documentation forms an important phase between design development and on-site construction administration. In scenarios where architectural practices decide to transition to object-oriented BIM modelling or there is a need to turn around more projects than can be executed by the internal team, firms decide to look for experienced architectural BIM modellingsupport partners. Whilst such collaboration models provide cost-effective and high-quality access to CAD and BIM expertise, issues can crop up if your support partner does not have appropriate processes and quality standards in place.As a result, to make the BIM outsourcing engagement work successfully for your architectural practice, there is a need to ensure that the following are in place:

A Dedicated Point of Contact

A dedicated point of contact in the form of a project manager serves as an integral link between your firm and the outsourcing partner. He/she liaises with the architectural firm’s representative (in most cases the project’s chief architect or the design head) to gather and analyse in detail the project’s requirements, construction specifications, and CAD/BIM standards followed.

Well Defined Project Flow 

After a comprehensive needs analysis by the project manager, a clear process should be in place to break down the client’s 3D architectural modelling and construction documentation requirements into a tangible project scope. The scope then dictates the roles/responsibilities and the turnaround schedules of each of the senior team members, including team leader, senior BIM technicians, senior CAD technicians, BIM coordinators, and draftsmen.

Production Planning Roadmap

Depending on the resources at hand, the project manager along with team leader should map out a timeline for documentation delivery. Traditional CAD-based processes necessitate clear guidelines pertaining to drawing scales, dimensions, symbols, targets, annotations, and abbreviations. Modern BIM-enabled workflows also require establishment of protocols and standards for master model worksharing, data exchange, library creation, and model coordination. 

Multi-Tier Quality Checks 

Rigorous quality check protocols are an integral part of delivering accurate standards-compliant architectural BIM modelling and construction documentation support to architectural practises. The first tier entails draftsmen involved to cross-review their peer’s work followed by an inspection by the team leader on local models. The final tier of quality check phase requires the project manager to undergo a detailed review of the master model. Once the central master model gets a go-ahead from the project manager, it is used to extract construction documents. Finally, the construction documents are reviewed to check whether they fulfil the construction specifications set by the client.

Ability to Coordinate Online with Clients 

The success of your outsourcing partnership will also depend on the associate firm’s ability to hold regular update and doubt-solving virtual sessions. Focussed meetings ensure both you as well as those on the outsourcing team are on the same page as far as the project progress is concerned.

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