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Homebuilders cater to diverse people who have different tastes. Bearing this aspect in mind, every project requires a unique approach for planning, designing, promoting, and building, which makes homebuilding a highly demanding business. Some people may have a desire to own urban homes which suit their sophisticated suburban lifestyle; others based in metropolitan cities prefer smaller, ergonomic, and functional spaces owing to the higher cost of living.

Since homebuilding is essentially a service provided to potential owners, homebuilders are expected to get the seven P’s of service marketing right. These include product, price, place, promotion, physical environment, process, and people. Photorealistic 3D rendering and visualization is potentially one of the most important techniques that the homebuilders can employ to take care of the ‘promotion’ and ‘physical environment’ aspects of marketing.

Simply put, rendering is a process of representing 3D mathematical models and scenes, which feature details like textures, materials and lights (internal and natural lighting conditions) in 2D formats. The final output accurately represents the vision, scope and is as true to life as possible. Based on the scope of work, details may vary, for instance, the interior 3D renderings may show details related to each and every furnishing, surface or light fixtures. When rendering for building exteriors, the output may represent natural external lightings/shadows and how it reacts with other elements, such as landscapes, walkways, entrances, roofs, and other surroundings.

So far as the ‘promotion’ aspect of marketing is concerned, photorealistic renderings can help you communicate to your target audience the fine nuances of your home design via various marketing channels. The rendered stills can be employed in your brochures, flyers, billboards, and magazine ads, among others. Additionally, the 3D walkthroughs and fly-by camera animation videos can help you promote yourself in a range of digital media, such as Internet, social media, and through customised DVDs.

Furthermore, 3D rendering and visualisation can aid homebuilders to accurately demonstrate the ‘physical environment’ of their designs to their prospective customers. The walkthrough animations act as simulated mock-ups of the homes before construction so that any feature or component of the design can be altered to their likes. These fly-by animations can also clear doubts in the minds of potential owners and offer them motivation to quickly approve the designs.

In addition to persuading the potential home owners about the functional, emotional, and self-expressive benefits of their projects, homebuilders need to ensure that their projects comply with the local building regulations related to structure, drainage, fire safety, hygiene, energy efficiency, and toxicity, among others. As a result, depending on the size of the project, homebuilders have to take permissions from the local planning authorities before proceeding to the construction stage. Detailed stills of various views derived from photorealistic 3D rendering can also prove helpful in getting timely approvals whilst saving time for homebuilders and the entire project team.

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