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XS CAD Builds Momentum at Sydney Build Expo 2024!

XS CAD showcased its technical excellence at the Sydney Build Expo 2024, at Stand F34 within the iconic ICC at Sydney, Australia, from 1-2 May 2024.

Drawing construction professionals into our orbit, we showcased our prowess in global construction design, drafting, 3D modelling and visualisation, catering to the architectural and engineering elite.

We shared insights and displayed our extensive experience, offering a glimpse into our world of design and construction drawings, 3D renderings, immersive walkthroughs, prefabricated models and drawings.

As a cornerstone event in Sydney’s bustling construction scene, the 8th Sydney Build Expo stood tall as Australia’s unrivalled epicentre of construction and design, boasting a staggering 35,000 attendees, an illustrious lineup of 500 speakers and a bustling arena of over 400 exhibitors. But it wasn’t just about numbers; it was also an extravaganza of networking and entertainment.

In the spotlight were themes of sustainability, diversity, mental health and the invaluable role of women in construction. Amidst the bustle, CPD training workshops served as knowledge incubators, while innovation and new projects took centre stage.

From contractors to architects, engineers to developers and even government emissaries, the expo was a melting pot of ideas, a crucible of innovation, where we immersed ourselves in the currents of thought leadership, seizing the opportunity to absorb the latest trends, technologies and opportunities.

Live performances and DJs pulsed with energy, and interactive exhibits painted vivid visions of digital construction, HVAC marvels, architectural wonders and the enduring pursuit of sustainability.

In the end, the Sydney Build Expo was a celebration of the indomitable spirit of the construction industry, and XS CAD was right in the mix.

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