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2_InternalBlog-7th Marc 2019

Speaking English isn’t the only thing the United Kingdom and the United States of America have in common. Both countries also feature aesthetically appealing houses constructed according to regulated and modernised residential design. The highly urbanised population centres of both nations are host to an array of diverse home styles that have a number of common features, though they are miles away. An ocean may separate them, but fine design does not.

InternalBlog-19th Feb 2019

Specific climates experienced year-round, space limitations and the cost of materials influence home design options in the US and UK. Know the fundamental differences of UK and US home design that occur within homes.

What’s in a Homebuilding CD Set?

Posted - February 19, 2019
InternalBlog-13th Feb 2019 - What's in a Homebuilding CD Set

CD sets contain vast swathes of information necessary for a clear presentation of construction design. We briefly consider the details included in such residential construction drawings.

Outsourcing Now a Better Fit for UK Homebuilders

Gains in capital, revenues, reduction of risks, streamlined workflows, flexibility and effective processes that cater particularly to UK’s homebuilding industry result from outsourcing.

Why Users Prefer AutoCAD for Roof Design Drafting

Though other software options also have extensive tools for roof design, it is the overall user-friendly approach of AutoCAD that residential drafting services professionals tend to prefer.

Impact of Virtual Design & Construction in Renovation - Redevelopment

Virtual building design using building information modelling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) offers constructive solutions to the challenges of spatial planning in urban zones.

Adding the Right Design Resource for Australian Housing Design

Taking advantage of established CAD outsourcing services in India could be the answer to adding the right design resource for Australian housing design.

BIM Modelling | ArchiCAD 3D Modelling | Architectural Drafting

Two stalwarts seem to tower over the rest of the available software platforms in the homebuilding industry, ArchiCAD by Graphisoft and Revit by Autodesk. Both are tailormade for architectural requirements and both have dedicated fans….

10 Reasons to Deploy DfMA

Posted - December 19, 2017
10 Reasons to Deploy DfMA

One of the most fundamental aspects of construction is design. So what is the design process in the construction industry ultimately geared toward? The short answer is: creating a building at a reasonable cost, ensuring that users and stakeholders are happy with it….

Homebuilding Design | Homebuilder Construction Drawings

Large homebuilders face an increasing workload due to the need to provide accurate and more detailed design models and drawings. With growing skills shortages in their own markets homebuilders are increasingly looking for partner companies to support their workload, usually by looking for international support….