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InternalBlog-06th Marc 2019

Experienced, knowledgeable, adaptable and cost-effective technical professionals in India can deliver high-quality VDC services to Western firms.

Planning & Documentation for Hospital Fire Design

Paying careful attention to fire systems design in hospitals becomes crucial, and that involves precise knowledge of potential hazards in hospital premises and the codes and documentation governing fire systems design.

InternalBlog-28th Jan 2019

Fire systems design is tailored for each building, involving a holistic approach. For hospitals, fire design service providers must consider different parts of the fire systems design process and what individual systems are most suitable.

MEP Prefabrication - Process and Benefits

Though panels and modules can be efficiently prefabricated, the prefabrication of complete MEP systems is more complex and merits a closer look at the process and benefits of prefabrication.

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Prefabrication in MEP systems is the practice of manufacturing components of building services in a factory or other manufacturing site and transporting complete assemblies of MEP components or sub-assemblies to the relevant construction site.

Experience is Key for Outsourcing Hydraulic Building Services

Outsourcing hydraulic services design is gaining popularity, but it is important to find an offshore CAD team with the requisite experience. One of the basic human rights of today’s society is the right to live a healthy and disease-free life.

Selecting MEP Design Partners in India

Posted - January 23, 2018
MEP Design Services | MEP Coordination - XS CAD

MEP consultants in India cover design services from concept design to detailed design and analysis. Selecting the appropriate partner need not be challenging if you know what to look for….

10 Reasons to Deploy DfMA

Posted - December 19, 2017
10 Reasons to Deploy DfMA

One of the most fundamental aspects of construction is design. So what is the design process in the construction industry ultimately geared toward? The short answer is: creating a building at a reasonable cost, ensuring that users and stakeholders are happy with it….

MEP Modelling | MEP Pre-Fabrication Models and Drawings

The MEP fabrication modelling process is widely used in commercial and residential construction projects today because it improves project schedules which save costs and also improves on-site productivity as well as safety and space utilisation by shifting the fabrication process offsite. Prefabrication modelling offsite requires detailed and accurate MEP (M&E) pre-fabrication models and drawings….

MEP Coordination | MEP Coordination Drawings

It is a key element of MEP design and is concerned with spatial configuration and layout of building services trades (HVAC, pipe work, public health and electrical systems). It also takes into account the location of elements from other disciplines such as architecture and structure….