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Building Information Modelling (BIM) enables design implementation while facilitating collaboration and the exchange of information between design teams, architects, engineers and contractors within the design and build environment.

At XS CAD, we provide BIM Modelling services using Autodesk’s Revit BIM platform to support BIM workflow to enable design modelling from pre-construction concept stages through to detailed construction stages. Autodesk Revit is a multi-directional, database controlled application which allows changes in one view/area to be replicated automatically in all other views/areas where the changed item appears (including layouts, elevations, schedules or the 3D model itself).

By using Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure, we can create pre-construction planning design data for a diverse range of projects with the same family of software. Whilst we favour this Closed BIM approach, we are also able to work within an Open BIM environment which uses common file formats such as IFC (industry foundation classes) to reduce software interoperability issues and delays.

With BIM technology, instead of starting with modeling, the first stage in the building project lifecycle is to collaboratively discuss design critical features with different project stakeholders and design team members. This level of interoperability provides obvious time and cost benefits; it also allows the entire project team to view the impact of their individual designs on those of others and to resolve the conflicts based on this knowledge.

As part of our BIM Modelling service, we can maintain all elements of a BIM model within our Integrated Project Delivery approach. BIM requires a collaborative environment that involves the contribution of various project stakeholders. To facilitate better collaboration within the design, engineering and construction teams and 3D BIM coordination, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is an approach which helps in reducing conflicts and creating a successful collaborative environment for improved 3D BIM coordination.

We also use BIM 360 (C4R) technology to work on projects simultaneously with project teams across the globe to provide Revit BIM services. C4R is the latest feature in the Autodesk family and is a cloud enabled Revit worksharing collaboration tool that can be installed on any workstation with Revit to enable seamless sharing of a file on the cloud as well as the ability to communicate within the tool with other users to solve issues in real time. In comparison, BIM 360 Team is a browser-based cloud collaborative tool for users who do not have Revit. Users can sign up for a trial to collaborate, access, view, add mark-ups and conduct live reviews. BIM 360 is used for collaboration but not as a work sharing tool. Whether C4R or BIM 360, this cloud technology helps BIM managers and BIM developers across various locations, to connect, collaborate, review files and address their models to other project stakeholder teams. We offer our clients complete collaboration by ensuring contracts are well-defined with specifically stated roles, rights, responsibilities and accountability of various stakeholders.

We also provide BIM Modelling services to independent stakeholders involved in a BIM project who may lack the expertise of creating and managing BIM models. In addition to 3D parametric modelling, we provide 4D (time schedule) and 5D (cost) Revit BIM services to our clients.

3D BIM Modeling Projects and Customer Types:

We currently use Revit 3D BIM modelling for the following project and customer types:

  • BIM for Retail

    We create Revit BIM retail design models that are used to develop retail construction drawings and models for retail BIM modelling, including detailed plans, sections and elevations as well as accurate equipment and fixture schedules.

  • BIM for Homebuilders

    We create construction drawing sets directly from BIM models designed for each house as a part of our residential Revit 3D BIM Modelling services. In addition to accurate schedules, a full set of drawings required by construction teams is created from the BIM models for residential BIM modelling.

  • BIM for Architects

    We create models during the design development, tender and construction stages of architectural design projects. As a part of our Architectural BIM Modeling service, we provide clash free models with accurate building materials and detailed construction schedules from the models.

  • BIM for MEP Designers & Consultants

    We create BIM models during early concept stages for MEP consultants to fit into the overall design schedule. Where required we will also ensure that our coordination experience is also applied so that we can create BIM models that are usable and useful further along the detailed design stages and for installation.

  • BIM for MEP Trade Contractors

    We create 3D MEP (M&E) coordinated models using BIM software for detailed spatial coordination. Our focus is on creating installation standard BIM models that are efficiently laid out and allow ease of installation. Our spatially coordinated MEP (M&E) BIM models also take into account fitting requirements, lagging, access and efficiency of services/system runs. We are also able to work within a modular or pre-fabricated MEP environment, creating detailed fabrication and module drawings using Revit’s fabrication features. Our BIM models include CoBie data and output for schedules and material information.

  • BIM Models from Point Cloud & Laser Surveys

    We create 3D architectural models from laser survey data. We have worked with leading developers, contractors and retailers to create accurate models of existing conditions. Our point cloud to BIM services includes models which have all the current building elements, such as beams, columns, and internal walls, among others. In addition to creating Revit 3D models from point cloud data, we also model building alterations and changes from architectural and structural drawings, such as false ceiling and additional structural elements.

  • BIM Family Modeling

    As part of our BIM Modelling services, we create BIM or family data for Revit Architecture and Revit MEP. This data encompasses physical and graphical elements as well as technical and manufacturer information for the element being modelled. Another key benefit of BIM models is that parametric modelling allows controlled and dynamic manipulation of models. This allows models to be changed quickly and easily within their range of parameters while also maintaining physical appearance and ‘model information’ within all areas automatically.

One of the key differences between modern BIM technology and traditional software is that the objects created within BIM models represent actual elements within a construction project. Therefore, the information in the BIM model becomes more useful to designers, installers and cost consultants. This information becomes useful when extracted by design teams and cost management teams.

At XS CAD we understand that BIM is more a process rather than just a design technology and its relevance goes beyond the creation of 3D intelligent models. BIM actually facilitates an evolving workflow and interoperability between project stakeholders, enables an ongoing design review process with the availability of making critical changes on the go and provides new project delivery methods.

With cloud collaboration and file sharing options that exist today, BIM ownership is more tightly defined and despite file sizes being very large the ability to use tools such as Collaboration for Revit or Revit Server means that exchange of information is now easier and more instant. Controlled model sharing in this way has improved collaboration amongst stakeholders and at XS CAD we have the experience of using models using such tools to lead the process effectively.

As part of our BIM virtual construction services, we also provide virtual building design for virtual design and construction (VDC) projects.

Please contact us for a quote or for more information about our 3D BIM Modeling services and expertise.

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