MEP Modelling

MEP Modelling

MEP (or MEPF) modelling is the process of creating mechanical, electrical and piping systems that define spaces and zones in a building model. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire models include:

Mechanical Systems:

Models of duct systems for the heating and cooling needs of the building, placing air terminals, mechanical equipment and duct routing layouts as well as HVAC plant, chillers, fan coil units, fire dampers, grille and diffuser layouts.

Electrical Systems:

Models of electrical systems (circuits) to place devices, lighting fixtures and electrical equipment, including ladder, tray and containment as well as lighting and electrical fixtures and controls.

Piping Systems:

Models of piping systems by placing mechanical components and assigning them to a supply or return system to determine the best routing for the piping that connects the system components

Fire Systems:

Models of fire protection and prevention systems, including sprinkler mains and sprinkler distribution as well as prevention equipment such as sensors, detectors and alarms.

MEP Fabrication Models:

DfMA and prefabricated modules include most or even all MEP systems within a structural frame that will fit into a corridor, riser or plant room. These models serve the same purpose as individual systems but have the benefit of being assembled off-site for faster on-site assembly.

What We Provide:

XS CAD provides:

  • Dedicated 3D MEP (M&E) modelling support services to lead designers and multi-disciplinary consultants as well as MEP contractors and consultants
  • MEP modelling services on a standalone basis or as part of the complete design, including the structure and the services
  • HVAC CAD modelling, pipework CAD modelling, public health/plumbing/drainage CAD modelling, electrical CAD modelling
  • Installation drawings and shop drawings, taken from the MEP model
  • MEP Pre-Fabrication Models for risers, corridors and plant rooms

Our modelling services are used to validate the design of MEP services. In most cases, we also produce installation drawings and shop drawings from the MEP model, along with producing MEP (M&E) prefabrication models and drawings.

Design Stages We Cover:

We provide models for all stages of the MEP design process, including

  • Concept
  • Tender
  • Contract
  • Coordination
  • Approval
  • Construction
  • As-fitted (record or as built) stages.

Software We Used:

Our models are created using Revit MEP for BIM modelling or AutoCAD MEP for traditional 3D modelling and our designers are also proficient at Revit MEP family creation.  We also use Autodesk Navisworks to perform interference analysis checks to validate our models and to ensure optimum layout efficiency.

To help manage MEP modelling projects, XS CAD uses BIM 360 (C4R), a cloud collaboration technology from Autodesk. BIM 360 (C4R) team help our customers to collaborate, share and review MEP 3D models on a single cloud platform within multiple teams and across various countries.

Our Customers:

We provide M&E (MEP) drafting services to a number of customers, including:

  • Multi-disciplinary design consultants
  • Mechanical and electrical design engineers
  • Sustainability consultants
  • Specialist design consultants (fire, acoustic, sustainability, etc.)
  • M&E contractors and MEP trades
  • MEP-focused module manufacturers
  • DfMA manufacturers requiring MEP components
  • Facilities management firms

Our Past Projects:

Our MEP modelling experience is extensive and we have undertaken a range of MEP modelling projects, including the following:

  • 3D MEP modelling for a refurbished and refitted office incorporating existing super structure, new structural additions, some existing MEP services and extensive new MEP services
  • MEP CAD modelling of a clash-free structural and MEP model for a new corporate workplace
  • Fully coordinated detailed 3D MEP model and installation drawings for a large casino
  • Building services modelling for a newly built hospital, complete with all MEP services, including pneumatic tubing and medical gases within a steel structure and concrete slab arrangement
  • 3D MEP coordinated model for a university complex
  • Spatially coordinated MEP model of a large leisure complex
  • Modelling of MEP elements as part of a series of prefabricated bathroom models for a large healthcare facility

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