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Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) or Prefabrication is an increasing feature of modern construction methods. Planned carefully, this approach has the potential to save time, improve productivity, improve safety and increase profitability in the construction sector. As with most of the construction, detailed assembly and manufacture of components are completed off-site, site-based work is focused on final assembly.

At XS CAD, we provide prefabricated construction BIM modeling and drawing services for construction, engineering, structural and architectural firms. Our prefabrication or DfMA modelling and drawings are provided using Revit, AutoCAD and Inventor software to create modular construction drawings and prefabricated models for a range of construction purposes.

XS CAD’s primary motive is to provide high-quality prefabricated design support that will aid our clients to reduce their construction and build timescales and therefore increase profitability.

Our prefabrication/DfMA services include:

Prefabrication for MEP Engineers

XS CAD provides DfMA and prefabrication services to MEP trade contractors, which allows faster and safer manufacturing of building services components that result in minimal time spent on site for assembly. Our work includes models for detailed building services modules that comprise HVAC, pipework, drainage, electrical and fire services within a steel frame (such as Unistrut). Once modelled, we produce detailed 3D drawings, complete with schedules of equipment. We also create spool drawings for all components to improve manufacturing accuracy. The completed modules are used for risers, corridors, plant rooms and energy centres. Modular design for corridors, ceilings and risers allows building components to be built and tested before being transported to the site, making the installation easier and also allowing commissioning of services to run smoothly.

Prefabrication for Structural Engineers

We can create DfMA and prefabricated 3D models for load-bearing walls, retaining L-shape walls, columns that carry beams and floor loadings to the foundation and beams, beams (simple ones over single openings or more complex ones seen in frames), girders, concrete haunches (connects columns to beams), stairs made from concrete, concrete wall panels, hollow core slabs, floor slabs, concrete racks, terrace blocks, channels, joists, steel frames (designed and manufactured from computer models directly linked to CNC (computer numerical control) machines, ensuring high levels of accuracy). Whether the components are for off-site or on-site assembly, the creation of models and drawings to allow assembly improves build timescales and reduces resource requirements on site.

Prefabrication for General Contractors

We can create prefabricated 3D models and modular construction drawings for a range of decorative exterior fixtures, such as shutters, door pediments, window mantles, trim boards, dentil mouldings, fireplace, tray ceiling, window grills, screens, gutters, storm doors, garages, porches, decks, sunrooms and finished basements. Our DfMA services for general contractors also include building components such as bathroom pods, shower pods and washroom pods for healthcare and hotel projects. As contractors are generally responsible for the provision of construction services for the entire site, they will usually fabricate a number of temporary office accommodation buildings that we are also able to model and detail. Such examples include administrative and management offices, security offices, modular labs, cafeterias, scale houses, break rooms, modular restrooms, locker rooms and training facilities.

Prefabrication for Homebuilders

We can create prefabricated 3D models and construction drawings for homebuilders, which include building components, such as bathroom and kitchen pods, with electrical and plumbing systems, wall elements, roof and ceiling elements, panels made of wood, cement and other materials for floors and windows. Our experience for homebuilders also includes detailed steelwork fabrication design, modelling and detailing so that components can be manufactured in a factory environment and site-based work can be completed rapidly and at a lower cost.

Prefabrication for Architects

Our prefabrication services for the architects include creating detailed 3D models and detailed manufacturing drawings for building components such as bathroom pods, corridors, stairwells, internal load bearing walls, lighter partitions, open and closed panel systems, doors, ventilators, building envelopes, plaster boards, timber frame wall elements. This service helps our customers to create prefabricated building models for offices, hospitals, etc.

Prefabrication for Retailers

We create prefabricated 3D models and DfMA solutions for prefabricated or modular floor plans and also industrial building design for temporary or permanent modular buildings. We also provide 3D models and 2D drawings for sustainable modular building construction, which minimises waste, maximises material usage and promotes adaptability and reuse. Some examples of building options offered for retailers are: construction offices, sales offices and sales centres.

Contact us for more information about our prefabrication and DfMA service or if you wish to discuss your next project and how we may be able to assist your own teams to deliver against your DfMA objectives.
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