XS CAD | CRSIL MSE 1 Certificate

XS CAD scored ‘Highest’ on two parameters which include Financial Strength (FS) and Operating Performance (OP) validating the credibility of XS CAD’s services globally.

The key rating drivers based on which the rating was provided include business management strengths such as organisational stability, management expertise, well-defined organisation structure, strong marketing network, a healthy business model and high operational efficiency. The financial rating drivers include strengths such as strong profitability, good liquidity position, strong credit protection measures, low reliance on external debt and financial flexibility.

A detailed analytical report provided by CRISIL on the overall functioning of the company has helped XS CAD analyse, strengthen and improve its operations and performance.

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Marketing Division
UK: +44 (0) 1527 518 880
India: +91 22 2687 6456