Collaboration For Revit |architectural 3D BIM model | XS CAD

In yet another XS CAD success story, BIM 360 (C4R) technology was recently used for a leading UK-based architect. BIM 360 (C4R) technology facilitates direct multi-user collaboration using Revit, working from the same central Revit file directly on the cloud. Using a Revit model, 2D sketches and floor plans provided by the architect, XS CAD delivered an architectural 3D BIM model and construction drawings using Revit families for the interiors of the 8th and 9th floors of a leading UK-based publishing house’s office.

The construction drawings included drawings of suspended ceilings plans, wall elevations, lighting plans, wall finish and floor finish that were then used directly on the construction site. XS CAD avoided project delays and further lagging by suggesting the use of BIM 360 (C4R) technology to their customer, allowing them to collaborate on the cloud, rather than use Revit server. The end result was a project completed on time and on budget.

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