We provide MEP Design Engineering Services, MEP Coordination, MEP Modelling and MEP Drafting Services for MEP designers and consultants, MEP contractors, MEP manufacturers, MEP fabricators and MEP installers. Our scope of work includes providing drawings and 3D models prepared to local standards and building codes for HVAC, mechanical, pipe work, plumbing, electrical and fire systems.

Our team includes trained designers, technicians, engineers and experienced multi-service spatial coordinators. Our experience spans a multitude of projects, including hospitals, leisure centres, sports stadia, entertainment complexes, corporate offices, retail outlets, and educational institutes.

Our diverse project experience has allowed us to develop a team that is capable of handling any building services project in the world. We currently use specialist packages for design and also AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP to create drawings and 3D models and then Autodesk Navisworks to validate our work.

Some of our engineering services include:

  • MEP Design Engineering Services – We provide MEP Design Engineering Services also known as building engineering or architectural engineering to building services consultants and designers. Read more about our MEP Design Engineering Services
  • MEP Coordination Services – We provide spatially coordinated building services drawings for MEP (M&E) building services contractors and consulting engineers for engineering and construction projects. Read more about our MEP Coordination Services
  • MEP Modelling Services – We provide dedicated 3D MEP (M&E) modelling services to lead multi-disciplinary consultants, designers and MEP contractors and consultants. Read more about our MEP Modelling Services
  • MEP Drafting Services – We provide MEP (M&E) CAD drafting services and MEP (M&E) CAD detailing services to electrical and mechanical design engineers, consultants and contractors. Read more about our MEP Drafting Services

Some of the services we have provided to building services professionals include:

MEP Designers / M&E Consultants

We work with MEP designers and consultants in the US, the UK and Australia on per-project basis as well as on a ‘dedicated resource’ basis.

For design support, we are able to deploy a team of LEED accredited personnel that is comprised of all or some of the following; plumbing design engineers, fire design engineers, electrical design engineers and HVAC and mechanical design engineers. Working with customers in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, we use a range of tools including DIALux and Camel to deliver our services within the design workflow that is directed by our customers.

Taking conceptual layouts, we create detailed design information using AutoCAD and Revit that includes 2D layout plans, design schematics, and interference-free 3D models.

The ‘dedicated resource’ model provides our customers with a team of personnel who only work on their projects and therefore develop an ongoing understanding of the quality and standard of work expected by that customer. This model provides a low fixed-monthly cost compared to permanent in-house CAD resources.

In addition to traditional MEP design data, we provide our customers with BIM models which include not only the 3D model but information that supports the various elements of the model as well.

MEP (M&E) Contractors and Installers

One of our core strengths lies in our ability to provide spatially coordinated MEP solutions to the MEP sector. MEP (M&E) contractors require vertically and horizontally coordinated solutions that take into account other building services as well as the building structure. Keeping this in mind, we model all services (including HVAC, pipework, plumbing, electrical and fire systems) within an accurate 3D architectural and structural model.

We create accurate MEP services, using actual manufacturer data for accurate sizing. Our MEP models strictly take factors, including allowances for lagging, bracketing, maintenance access, installation and economic installation into consideration.

Many of our MEP projects include the need for prefabricated solutions. Accordingly, wherever these are required for risers, ceilings and plant room areas, we typically plan for prefabrication into the 3D model to maximise the advantages that are gained from Design for Construction and Assembly (DfMA) in the engineering and construction sector.

Once modelled, we ensure that our models are interference-free and spatially coordinated using the Autodesk Navisworks tool. Only once a model is coordinated do we move on to the production of builderswork / penetration drawings, detailed coordination drawings, and MEP services drawings that are used by installers and fabricators on site.

MEP Fabricators and MEP Manufacturers

In addition to creating MEP prefabricated module drawings for MEP Contractors, we create MEP modules for fabricators and manufacturers directly. Using design data, we optimise the prefabricated module layout and ensure that the solution is spatially coordinated before creating detailed module drawings that include equipment schedules and detailed sizing data. Additionally, we create individual spool drawings that are used for sizing by manufacturing and welding teams.

While 3D manufacturer models and other equipment are commonly available, XS CAD can create accurate 3D models for all plant and equipment. Whether we are creating an AutoCAD MEP model or a parametric model using Revit MEP, we have the experience to create and detail a model to ensure that it is accurate in terms of sizing and representation before being used within a coordinated 3D model.

With most of our services, we utilise collaboration technology such as BIM 360 (C4R)Team. This allows our customers to workshare with us or to review our work in real time if needed.

You can read more about our MEP Design Engineering Services, MEP drafting, MEP modelling, MEP coordination and BIM modelling services to learn more about our detailed MEP services. You can also visit our work to see some of our recent projects.


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