General Contracting

We provide a range of computer-aided design solutions to general contractors (main contractors) to ensure they effectively complete large-scale construction projects on time.

General contractors (main contractors) bear the ultimate risk for timely completion of projects. XS CAD is trusted and employed by general contractors in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK to support their design process for architectural, structural and MEP disciplines.

Structural and Architectural Modelling

We create 3D building models using Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD to ensure that the proposed design for a contractor is constructible. By modelling the structural elements (steel, concrete, beams, cores, columns, slabs, etc.) and architectural elements (internal walls, stairs, doors, windows, cladding systems, etc.), we assess whether the design data will result in a clash-free solution. We check for interferences by employing clash-detection software, such as Navisworks. If clashes are detected, we refer the designs back to the designers and changes are made to the model until the final model is free of any interference.

As well as the creation of 3D models for design validation, we use the model to create 4D models to simulate the build and construction process. Architectural and structural 3D models are then used for further design phases, such as MEP validation and MEP coordination. At XS CAD, we use Revit Architecture as the preferred platform as it provides a data-rich BIM model as the output.

MEP Coordination

An increasing number of contractors now take responsibility for the delivery of a spatially coordinated solution. When the structural and architectural model is completed and is clash free, XS CAD is asked to carry out the MEP spatial coordination and 3D modelling tasks. We then create detailed construction drawings that are used by the MEP trades and M&E contractors.

We use both AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP (to create BIM models) to prepare 3D coordinated MEP models. Although an increasing number of contractors now require BIM models, we use Revit MEP which has the added benefit of allowing bespoke family creation (such as bracketing) and also automated time schedule creation.

Integrated Project Delivery

Increasingly, we provide contractors with building information modelling (BIM) solution as part of the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process. IPD was established as a framework to reduce wastage, avoid duplication and therefore streamline construction projects.

Not only does IPD reinforce good practices, it also ensures that there is a common understanding around the management of design data including online collaboration, controlled file-sharing and controlling of design updates. IPD also focuses on bringing the supply chain closer together, earlier in the process, so that the entire project team can contribute to design as well as construction decision-making.

XS CAD currently provides inputs into various stages of IPD projects, providing BIM models and drawings across disciplines throughout the design, fabrication and installation process.

You can read more about our services to general contractors/main contractors by reading our BIM modelling, architectural modelling and MEP coordination . You can also visit ‘our work ‘ to see some of our recent projects.


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