We work with homebuilders across the globe, supplying design-related documentation, 3D BIM models and computer-generated images that are used for planning, construction and sales purposes.

Working to American AIA, British RIBA, Canadian RAIC and Australian AIA standards, we typically provide residential design drawingsarchitectural CAD draftingarchitectural CAD modeling and BIM modelling services to architects.

We offer production drawing services for new home designs as well as plan updates. Working seamlessly with local project teams allows us to provide documentation that is completed to high standards at lower costs for timber-frame, traditional and steel-frame homes.

We combine the skills of our people; the experience gained from past projects; a detailed understanding of the homebuilding industry; a tried and tested delivery process; and intelligent technology to provide a top-class service. Our systematic approach ensures minimal duplication or rework, allowing projects to be completed faster.

By using our homebuilder drafting services, modelling services and design services, our customers not only benefit from cost reductions (typically savings of more than 50% compared to domestic costs) but also improved levels of productivity. Our service levels, experience and fees have directly contributed to the selection of our organisation, ahead of our competitors, by a number of homebuilders.

We offer a range of CAD / BIM support services to homebuilders, allowing our customers to focus their costs and resources on their core business functions.

Production Drawings

We provide complete construction drawing sets for residential projects, created using Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD applications or any bespoke software created by our clients. Our homebuilder construction drawings incorporate foundations drawings, floor plans, roof plans, structural and roof framings, elevations, sections, interior elevations, options and typical details. We have experience of serving homebuilders that specialise in wood/timber frame construction, steel frame residential construction and traditional build homes in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada.

Revit BIM Models

As early adopters of building information modelling (BIM) tools, we use Revit Architecture and Revit MEP to produce detailed 3D BIM models for a number of homebuilders. Using database-driven Revit application allows greater control and accuracy when creating 3D models, floor plans, elevations, sections, schedules, and material and quantity take-off information. We then use Autodesk Navisworks to perform interference analysis and resolve clashes before the design documents are issued.

Plan Updates

We manage libraries of residential construction drawings and create revised design drawings in cases where:

  • There are changes in aesthetic design (such as elevation changes).
  • There are changes as a result of new options and design updates.
  • There are changes to plans to meet local code requirements of the state, county or country.

Client Address Specific Drawings

We provide fully customised construction drawings based on the buyers’ selection of design options. All options are added to the base production plans to provide a consolidated drawing set for construction against the chosen design options.

Site / Lot Drawing Analysis

We provide site/lot analysis and reports for some of our customers. By taking the footprint of various home styles and setting them against the various plots we are able to create detailed reports so that homebuilders are aware of the range of houses that will fit within a plot and calculate associated costs, profitability and construction time.

Static and Interactive Floor Plans

We are able to create a range of floor plans that can be used in brochures and on websites. Our floor plans can be created in a range of formats, including colour-coded plans, 3D plans with/without furniture, and 3D interactive plans showing users different design options for a chosen house type.

Computer-Generated Images and 3D Rendering

We create computer-generated photorealistic renderings for external and internal perspectives. We start by creating accurate 3D models that are then used within sophisticated 3D rendering applications to produce photorealistic images. We can also add artistic effects and water colour images to suite the preferred style for each customer.

You can read more about our homebuilding design support ‘services’ in the architectural CAD drafting, architectural CAD modelling, architectural 3D rendering and BIM modelling services .

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