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Formulating strategic solutions for global design-and-build
firms through CAD/BIM and visualisation services

Formulating strategic solutions for global design-and-build firms through CAD/BIM and visualisation services

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What is XS CAD?

In a nutshell, we are a design support firm that serves the retail, homebuilding, architecture, engineering and construction sectors with high-quality engineering and architectural design services and BIM/CAD solutions.

Who are we?

Building engineers, architects, interior designers, BIM modellers, spatial coordinators, draftsmen, modellers, designers and visualisers with experience and expertise in providing design solutions and BIM/CAD services make up our project management teams.

What is our core strength?

Our commitment to on-time and on-specification delivery, garnered by our UK management and process-driven strategies and Indian-led technical expertise and dedicated, flexible work culture, ensure high-quality deliverables.

Why do our customers keep coming back?

Due to the confidence and trust in our service. Our extensive BIM/CAD production facilities and resources, integrated workflows, updated IT infrastructure, focus on quality, value-added services and a global presence ensure significant benefits for our customers.

How far can we reach?

Our headquarters in the UK facilitates a Europe-wide reach, while offices in the US and Australia extend our reach in the West and our main production centre in India consists of state-of-the-art equipment, online conferencing facilities and meeting rooms.

  • Develop Seamless Partnerships
  • Mirror Local Standards
  • Provide Project Assurance

Thoroughly familiar with the building codes and standards laid out by AIA, RIBA, RAIC, Australian Institute of Architects, BSI, CIBSE, NSPE, etc, our teams deliver quality concept design, 2D design drafting, spatial coordination, 3D BIM modelling and visualisation services.

  • Our main production office is ISO 9001:2015 QMS accredited by the URS (United Registrar of Systems). We maintain strong policies for legal compliance, human resource and data security and client IP protection.
  • XS CAD is a member of the Autodesk Developer Network, a network of desktop software developers seeking proven tools and technologies to extend Autodesk products and technologies.
  • We provide training courses for AutoCAD and Revit software at our fully certified Autodesk Training Centre. For more information, visit www.grey-edge.com
  • XS CAD is also a member of NASSCOM, the premier trade body for Indian IT and business process outsourcing.
  • The highest level of credit worthiness, the ‘CRISIL MSE 1’ rating, has been awarded to XS CAD by CRISIL, an S&P Global company, for its sound financial strength and overall performance.
  • XS CAD is also a member of the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO), which is set up by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, to represent Indian entrepreneurs’ spirit of enterprise in the global market.
The Outsourcing Process

Based on our expertise, experience, systems, processes and protocols, we have a different approach for each customer, where we combine best industry practice with customer processes and preferences.

For CAD drafting/detailing or 3D BIM modelling in the architectural or MEP sectors, combined workflows are analysed and adapted to suit customer needs. Our process is supported by:

  • Meetings
  • Training and workshops at client sites – our production teams visit global sites for face-to-face familiarisation.
  • Continuous upgrade of processes, software and other resources in the internal process for more effective and cost-efficient project delivery
  • Mapping the outsourcing stages with controls to maintain quality and efficiency
  • Detailing the processes and protocols for daily communication, file sharing, query resolution and quality control
  • Creating management information (MI) and reporting data to track performance and deliverables
  • Ensuring implementation of service level agreements reviewed by senior personnel

Who Are We?

Building engineers, architects and BIM modellers providing high-quality engineering, architectural design and BIM/CAD solutions

Why Choose XS CAD?

  • On-time and on-specification delivery
  • UK management, process-driven strategies and Indian-led technical expertise
    • Develop seamless partnerships
    • Mirror local standards
    • Provide project assurance
    • Thoroughly familiar with AIA, RIBA building codes
    • ISO 9001:2015 QMS-accredited production centre
    • Autodesk Developer Network member
    • Autodesk Training Centre.
    • NASSCOM & FIEO member
    • ‘CRISIL MSE 1’ rating
    • Meetings
    • Training at client sites
    • Process, software & resource upgrades
    • Quality management
    • Daily communication
    • Creating data for performance monitoring
    • Service level agreement implementation
    • Established in UK, providing 3D coordination, modelling, design support
    • Created Indian subsidiary
    • Gained ISO certification
    • Expanded to USA, Australia
    • 1st company in India to license, use Revit MEP
    • Became Autodesk Network Partner
    • Established Autodesk Training Centre

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