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Design Support

Serving as a foundation for functional and attractive buildings, XS CAD’s architectural support encompasses several facets of architectural consulting and architectural design services, such as planning, design and coordination, all of which contribute to the overall success of a construction project.

Being able to visualise and conceptualise a project before the onset of construction by utilising computer-aided design (CAD) software, BIM Architecture and advanced 3D modelling techniques results in the creation of architectural design plans, realistic renderings, virtual walk-throughs and other valuable design support of the proposed building. This way, our clients and stakeholders can clearly understand the look and feel of the structure, make informed decisions and provide feedback during the design stage. Potential design flaws or challenges are then identified and rectified early, saving time and expense in the long run for our clients.

In addition, our expert design build architects, varied design support and architectural design services enable effective coordination among project stakeholders to ensure that the architectural designs are feasible and comply with building codes and regulations, helping to meet project timelines. Architectural support using BIM Architecture helps streamline the construction process, minimise errors and improve efficiency.

Significantly, accurate architectural design services can contribute considerably to building aesthetics and functionality. Our experienced design build architects’ deep understanding of spatial relationships, materials, lighting and other design elements has a noticeable impact on the structure’s overall look and feel. Harmonising the environment and functional needs of occupants, our highly qualified architects create architectural design drawings to showcase attractive and purposeful spaces, such as industrial, commercial, residential and retail facilities for global architectural design firms.

From creating design option sketches to cost estimates, our design and build architects refine designs in the Concept Design stage. Following the design option approvals, we further revise the design and update cost estimates to incorporate any modifications. We provide:

  • Architectural design support
  • Architectural drafting services
  • Architectural detailing services
  • AutoCAD drafting
  • Revit 3D modelling
  • ArchiCAD drafting services

We prepare architectural drawings, notes, technical specifications and other architectural services necessary for bidding, construction and permit applications.

Supporting architectural projects comprehensively throughout all design stages, such as Concept Design, Design Development and Construction Documentation, we deliver architectural design drafting, BIM and other architectural CAD services.

Prioritising sustainable architecture, with façade panelling, and environmental design concepts, our knowledgeable design build architects incorporate green building practices, energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials into their designs, reducing environmental impact and providing long-term cost savings.

Spanning initial planning stages to final execution, our design build architects, architectural design services and architectural support provide valuable expertise, experience and creativity to building architectural design’s overall success using BIM Architecture, AutoCAD Architecture, Revit Architecture and ArchiCAD. Their talent in visualising and designing structures that meet client requirements and industry standards assures our clients, global retailers, homebuilders, designers, consultants and architects from leading architectural institutes, of unmatched quality and functionality in their built environments – the perfect marriage between architect and design.