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Modular Units

Pre-built building sections or components constructed in a factory setting and then transported to the construction site for assembly are an important part of the modular construction process, resulting in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

A prefabricated interior building component or modular unit, such as a bathroom pod, kitchenette or wall panel, is a project-specific manufactured unit built in a factory. Engineered and assembled to the design and specifications of the relevant prefabricated modular structures, these units could include prebuilt bathroom pods within a controlled, quality-focused facility. Each prefab unit is carefully crafted and equipped with fixtures, finishes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and other wiring and piping, ready to be installed in a several types of modular buildings or prefabricated modular structures, such as healthcare, housing, offices or hospitality.

Constructed within the precision-controlled environment of a factory, each modular unit, be it a fully equipped bathroom pod, a compact kitchenette or an intricately designed wall panel, is the epitome of modern prefabricated modular construction practices for prefabricated modular structures and modular buildings.

Our modular unit design drawings meet the exacting standards and specifications of each of our regions. The drawings for prefabricated modular building units include all necessary fixtures, finishes and integrated systems, including mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), as well as comprehensive wiring and piping to develop attractive and functional prefabricated modular structures.

Our drawings for prefab storage units, modular building design and other prefabricated modular construction solutions are project-specific, quality-focused solutions to streamline the construction process and include:

  • Fabrication drawings
  • Drawings for modular architectural design
  • Drawings for modular build homes
  • Drawings for precast units

Modular prefab units are versatile and can be customised and combined in a plethora of permutations in prefabricated modular construction to achieve unique designs for modular buildings. Manufactured in a controlled factory setting, they are subject to enhanced quality control, ensuring construction integrity and durability. Environmentally friendly, modular buildings and modular build homes produce less waste, minimise site disturbances and frequently use sustainable materials and practices, translating into economic advantages.

Modular precast units in prefabricated modular construction offer a modular architectural design for modular build homes that is efficient, sustainable and adaptable, particularly advantageous for consistency, quality control, time and cost savings.

Our qualified professionals ensure superior quality control, minimising errors and defects with fabrication drawings for global modular build homes, modular building design and modular architectural design firms.

Supporting design drafting, 3D modelling and shop drawing services for modular building design and prefabricated building construction comprehensively throughout all design and installation stages, such as Concept Design, Design Development and Construction Documentation, global design and build firms can outsource fabrication drawings to us as part of the best services being offered in the modular units’ construction industry worldwide.

Spanning initial planning stages to final execution, the services we provide include valuable expertise, experience and creativity for firms outsourcing design services, using AutoCAD, Revit and Bluebeam for collaboration purposes.

Our shop drawings or fabrication drawings represent a quality approach to prefabricated construction, particularly useful in large-scale or repetitive building projects where the consistency and speed of installation can lead to significant benefits.