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Examine our portfolio, highlighting the breadth of projects we've successfully delivered in building services engineering (MEP) design support, nurtured through longstanding business relationships.

Google Docks

Location - Dublin, Ireland

Services - MEP Coordination, Coordinated 3D MEP Models

Pacific Highway Turramurra

Location - New South Wales, Australia

Services - MEP Engineering Design, MEP Drafting Services

John Lewis & Partners Liverpool

Location - Liverpool, UK

Services - 3D Steel Modelling, M&E Coordination, Installation Drawings, As-fitted Drawings

St. Joseph’s Healthcare

Location - Hamilton, Canada

Services - MEP Coordination, Coordinated Drawings, Pre-fabricated Ceiling Modules

Rockford Center

Location - Newark, US

Services - MEP BIM, Manufacturing Drawings & Schedules, Pipework & HVAC Systems

Tryon Palace History Center

Location - New Bern, US

Services - Coordinated Models, Coordination Services, Single Service Drawings

The Madison

Location - London, UK

Services - MEP BIM, MEP Coordination, Hanger Installation Drawings, Builders Work Drawings

Jaguar Land Rover Engine Manufacturing Centre

Location - Wolverhampton, UK

Services - 3D MEP Coordination, Multiservice Drawings, Builders Work Drawings, MEP Coordination

Salisbury Animal Health Laboratory

Location - USA

Services - Ductwork Sheet Metal Drawings, Pipework Spool Drawings, Clash-free Drawings, Penetration Drawings, Revit Models

3 Centenary Square

Location - Birmingham, UK

Services - MEP Coordination, As-fitted Drawings, Revit Models, MEP design Services

Lombard Wharf SW11

Location - London, UK

Services - Tender Design Drawings, Detailed Design, Spatially Coordinated Model, Associated Drawings

York Lions Stadium

Location - North York, Canada

Services - Coordinated 3D Mechanical & Pipework Modelling, Construction Documents

Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology

Location - Cambridge, UK

Services - MEP Coordination, MEP Modelling, 3D MEP modelling, Revit MEP Navisworks

Peterborough Energy From Waste (EFW)

Location - Peterborough, UK

Services - MEP Drafting, MEP Modelling, 3D MEP Model

John Lewis & Partners

Location - Exeter, UK

Services - MEP BIM, Architectural BIM, Spatial 3D Coordination, MEP Modelling, Detailed Construction Drawings, As-fitted Drawings

Plymouth Science Park Phase 5

Location - Plymouth, UK

Services - MEP Drafting, MEP Modelling, Clash-free Coordinated Installation Drawings

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Location - Birmingham, UK

Services - MEP Coordination Services, 3D Design Model, Clash-free Drawings

Beacon Technology Park

Location - Bodmin, UK

Services - Multiservice Coordinated Drawings, Energy-efficient Design, Clash-free Models, Installation Sheets

The Babraham Institute

Location - Babraham, UK

Services - MEP Modelling, 3D AutoCAD MEP Models, Structural Models, Coordination Services

Isle of Capri Casino

Location - Coventry, UK

Services - MEP Modelling, Record Drawings, Detailed Construction Drawings, Building Services Model Creation, Clash Detection

Amazon Warehouse

Location - Bristol, UK

Services - Revit Models, As-built Models, As-fitted Drawings, Coordinated Drawings, Installation Drawings

Birmingham Dental Hospital

Location - Birmingham, UK

Services - MEP Coordination, MEP BIM, 3D MEP Models

Southmead Hospital

Location - Bristol, UK

Services - MEP Coordination, Coordinated M&E drawings, Roof & Basement Plant Room Drawings

48-49 Pall Mall

Location - Westminster, UK

Services - Consultant's Design, Revit MEP Coordinated Model, Clash-free MEP Model

One Snowhill

Location - Birmingham, UK

Services - 3D Coordination of MEP Services, Coordinated MEP Drawings, Record Drawings, Roof Plant Drawings, Basement Plant Drawings

Circle Health Hospital

Location - Birmingham, UK

Services - MEP Coordination, MEP Modelling, 2D Design Intent Drawings, Coordinated 3D Model, Coordination Drawings, Installation Drawings, Clash Detection