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Specialised and dynamic, XS CAD’s stadia construction experience and building architectural design expertise are pivotal to offering a broad spectrum of services meticulously tailored to meet the complex requirements of stadium projects. Stadium architecture and stadium design encompasses a unique blend of architectural grandeur and functional precision, with a deep understanding of sports facilities, modern architectural design, spectator experience, safety regulations and sustainable design solutions. XS CAD’s extensive expertise in MEP coordination, BIM design, architectural design services and advanced visualisation techniques enables it to navigate these complexities of modern stadium design with ease.

Critical to integrating MEP systems that ensure the safety and comfort of thousands of spectators in stadium structures and enhance the functionality of the venue with sustainable architecture, our approach with MEP BIM services involves spatial 3D coordination, facilitated by our skilled use of Revit models and detailed MEP drawings and construction drawings, helping visualise and execute complex stadia designs, including modular sports pavilions, sports centre buildings, with precision.

In addition, our services extend to architectural BIM solutions. Visualisation services are invaluable in stadia projects, where presenting a clear and compelling vision of every kind of project, including those involving sustainable facilities, is essential for both stakeholder approval and public enthusiasm.

The range of services we offer include:

  • 2D drafting
  • Sports complex’s building plans
  • Ductwork sheet metal drawings
  • Pipework spool drawings
  • Clash-free drawings
  • Penetration drawings
  • BIM modelling
  • BIM coordination
  • Architectural 3D modelling
  • Rendering, including conceptual 3D renders
  • CGI rendered images
  • Structural design for stadia
  • Building analysis

Blending technical expertise, creative architectural vision and state-of-the-art visualisation, our consultants for sustainable buildings ensure that stadium projects are functional, safe, sustainable and iconic structures of world-class sports venues that resonate with fans.

Our notable contribution to the following construction projects involved delivering integrated MEP and architectural solutions tailored to the unique demands of some of the best designed stadia globally:

  • York Lions Stadium