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3D BIM Coordination

Innovative, game-changing, 3D BIM coordination improves building design and exhibits the potential to considerably speed up the design process. By creating digital 3D models, BIM 360 model coordination and MEP coordination drawings of all building components, such as walls, pipes and wires, project stakeholders can plan and manage the construction project.

Problems and challenges can be identified early and rectified before actual construction using BIM technology in construction, 3D BIM coordination and MEP coordination drawings, saving resources and ensuring that all the parts of a building fit perfectly.

Ensuring no clashes in the representation of MEP systems and components, addressing spatial issues before construction begins and ultimately helping prevent site-based delays, disputes and obstructions, our BIM coordinators provide precise spatial building services, 3D coordination, architectural BIM modelling services, Revit MEP services and construction coordinated drawings.

We create, validate and deliver spatially coordinated building services models and MEP coordination drawings - ensuring a ‘clash-free solution’ by providing:

  • Spatially coordinated, Revit 3D models featuring all building services elements, including plant rooms, building risers, corridors and room distribution
  • Coordination of all building services in a 3D environment with other disciplines, such as architectural and structural elements
  • Considering prefabricated project requirements for plant areas, risers and ceiling modules
  • Spatially coordinated, installation-ready building services drawings
  • Architectural BIM modelling services

Reliable 3D BIM coordination and 360 BIM services provided by expert engineers can include high-quality BIM 360 model coordination, integrated MEP design, construction drawings, construction BIM models, Revit detail drawings, BIM modelling services, BIM MEP services, BIM levels of detail and other 3D design and engineering services for firms in the domain.

XS CAD delivers diverse 3D BIM coordination design projects consistently and has amassed comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of MEP BIM coordination services, MEP coordination drawings, construction coordinated drawings, architectural BIM modelling services, BIM 360 model coordination, Revit MEP services, BIM drawings and 3D coordination. Our consultants and design engineers endeavour to keep our clients thoroughly informed during all design stages of a project. We are committed to research and development and carefully assess all needs and opportunities of project design.