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Building Services Engineering

Creating building engineering services and MEP services in buildings that are efficient, accurate and use sustainable building engineering requires advanced engineering building acumen. Our reliable engineering design services help support a multi-disciplinary approach to the planning, design, installation/construction and operation of buildings, including COBie services, with the expertise of experienced building services engineering consultants.

Our skilled building services engineers are familiar with and have extensive experience creating support sustainable building engineering, building engineering services, mechanical engineering design services, MEP building services (M&E building services) and building engineering drawings for a gamut of building types, including high-rise building engineering services, that adhere to ASHRAE standards, NFPA codes, AS/NZS guidelines and IECC (International Energy Conservation Codes) so that they can effectively assist offshore building services engineering consultants, MEP (M&E) consultants, contractors, fabricators and manufacturers.


Reliable building services engineering consultants ensure comprehensive design support and flawless building engineering services, MEP building services (M&E building services), mechanical engineering design services, sustainable building engineering, BIM for building engineering and high-rise building engineering services for various project types, such as:

Software Expertise

Skillful and experienced engineers help us provide high-quality MEP building services (M&E building services) and advanced engineering building services with their proficiency on these software tools for different building challenges, including providing high-rise building engineering solutions: