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Approaching engineering and architectural projects with a focus on quality assurance, we follow a process-driven workflow and the communication standards of our UK head office and subsidiaries in the USA and Australia. Combined with the scale and expertise of our India-based operations team, our bespoke solutions make each of our partnerships unique and mutually beneficial.

Providing value-added design solutions, our qualified professionals have extensive experience of local standards. We can therefore assure our customers, which include leading global building engineering consultants and contractors, architects, homebuilders and retailers, that projects are delivered on schedule and within budget.

With a head office in the UK and an ISO 9001:2015 certified production centre in India we are able to provide high-quality solutions including:

In addition to our offices in Redditch and Mumbai, our global presence stretches to offices in the United States of America, Australia.

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Why Choose XS CAD


20 years of providing design, BIM & CAD services for global engineering, retail, homebuilding and architectural sectors


Tightly defined workflows, cloud-based collaboration and online meeting tools for improved project quality & project control


Engineering and architectural teams trained in the US, UK, India, Australia and Canada to bring valuable domain expertise to projects


Trusted customer relationships developed over years, while being an established member of the Autodesk Developer Network


A unique operational structure and a global office network for efficient production methods and cost-effective pricing plans


A culture of quality and a thorough approach to quality assurance for an ISO 9001:2015 certified office, accredited by URS

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