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Building Services Modelling

Transforming a point cloud to BIM modelling for mechanical, electrical, plumbing/public health/hydraulic and fire components in the scan to BIM format helps visualise the details of existing MEP systems clearly and simply. These intelligent, detailed 3D representations, developed from a point cloud survey, can be used as the basis for walk-throughs, sequencing, creating detailed drawings, pricing and renovation in BIM construction processes.

Extensive experience in building services modelling has seen our BIM experts contribute effectively to the scan to BIM design drawings of healthcare institutions, commercial offices, mixed-use buildings, educational institutes, retail spaces and industrial sites.

Our point cloud to BIM modelling and scan to BIM services for MEP systems include defining and precisely representing spaces and zones in a building containing MEP components. Our MEP BIM modellers consistently create accurate and reliable point cloud to 3D models and 3D Revit BIM models from point cloud software to BIM Revit software, such as:

  • Duct system modelling - showing air terminals, mechanical equipment, ducts, HVAC plants, chillers, fan coil units, fire dampers, grilles and diffusers
  • Electrical system modelling - showing devices, lighting fixtures, electrical equipment and electrical controls
  • Plumbing/public health/hydraulic systems modelling - showing mechanical components for a water supply or return system
  • Fire system modelling – showing sprinklers, fire prevention equipment, sensors, detectors and alarms

We leverage high-quality data for site selection within expansive parcels, navigate the complexities of zoning regulations with confidence and craft designs that harmonise with both heritage and vision with our numerous point cloud to BIM modelling services, BIM 3D modelling and scan to BIM services. Our BIM models are crucial for architects, designers and builders, ensuring that every detail aligns with the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

Supporting point cloud to BIM modelling services comprehensively throughout all design stages, such as Concept Design, Design Development and Construction Documentation, global firms can outsource the creation of point cloud to 3D models and 3D Revit BIM models to us.

Spanning initial planning stages to final execution, we create point cloud to 3D models and 3D Revit BIM models supported by valuable expertise, experience and creativity, using AutoCAD, Revit and Bluebeam for collaboration purposes.

Our scan to BIM services represent a quality approach, particularly useful in large-scale or repetitive building projects where consistency and accuracy can lead to significant benefits.