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Building Analysis

Pursuing perfection in sustainable design & construction may have its challenges, but we ably support the complex process of how building services engineering consultants assess building services performance, why they perform the way they do and what can be done to change that performance through our specialised building energy solutions and building analysis services, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations and creation of building energy models.

As safety and energy efficiency are vital features of building services design, sustainable BIM processes and sustainable design construction, it becomes crucial to include computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and sustainable design in the building analysis design process for sustainable building solution.

Our building analysis, sustainable building analysis or building life cycle analysis services help assess the performance of a building, analyse the factors that drive that performance and suggest how that performance can be improved according to sustainable BIM workflows.

Our energy analysis in BIM and sustainable design construction services for CFD and building energy models include:

  • 3D models and fluid flow simulation calculations
  • CFD simulations for effective HVAC design services
  • Determination of ventilation flow patterns, smoke circulation paths, smoke density, smoke temperature estimates, carbon monoxide/dioxide levels
  • Reports on velocity profiles, temperature/smoke layer profiles for different parts of the building, standards’ compliance summary
  • Development of thermal comfort, pedestrian comfort, pollution, smoke behaviour and fire evacuation analyses
  • 3D building models for building energy analysis and building life cycle analysis
  • Models of mechanical systems to analyse energy consumption
  • Simulations to calculate heating and cooling loads
  • Sustainability building analysis reports - including solar shading, wind analysis, etc.
  • Construction drawings


Reliable design consultants ensure comprehensive building energy solutions, energy analysis in BIM for building life cycle analysis, construction drawings and building energy analysis services for various project types, such as:

Software Expertise

Skillful and experienced design consultants help us provide high-quality construction drawings, building services design and building life cycle analysis services with their proficiency on these software tools for different building challenges, including providing CAD drafting services and solutions: