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Supporting architectural practices across the globe, we assist in the design and development of architectural projects and architectural building drawings with architectural design and drafting services based on the requirements of varied clients or an architectural design company or an architectural outsourcing company.

With region-specific domain knowledge of the codes and regulations for the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, outsourcing architectural services to our expert architectural teams results in a range of benefits for architectural design companies. We provide architectural detail drawings, architectural 3D modelling services, architectural drafting services, design documentation needs and other architectural services for global architects.

Extensive technical experience has helped us develop processes and protocols to manage architectural projects and architectural drawing services with online collaboration and file-sharing tools to manage design updates and briefings, affording seamless architectural design outsourcing.


Leveraging architectural design outsourcing to XS CAD results in comprehensive design support for architectural design companies and architectural drafting firms involved with various architectural project types, such as:

Software Expertise

Outsourcing architectural services, such as architectural 3D modelling services to our qualified architects ensures that architectural drafting firms and other clients receive high-quality architectural design services crafted with CAD for architecture and these software tools: