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Moving from on-site construction to a manufacturing-based process, prefabrication and modular construction, is a future-focused solution that offers a gamut of benefits, such as improved efficiency, quality, cost, safety, environmental impact and relieving pressing labour shortages. Increasingly identified as a key solution to many challenges in the construction industry for faster, more cost-effective and sustainable construction, prefabricated construction and modular construction can involve a wide range of components, from trusses and panels to large modules, entire rooms or building sections.

Our prefabrication and modular construction design services are tailored to mitigate these challenges, offering a cost-effective prefabricated modular construction approach and modular building techniques that reduce the need for transporting pre-production resources to each site, thereby saving time and lowering costs with prefab construction. Some of the prefabrication and modular construction design services we provide for prefabricated buildings include drawings and models for building services modules, modular units, modular healthcare buildings and other prefabricated modular buildings, such as:

  • Structural steel fabrication drawings
  • Fabrication shop drawings
  • Engineering fabrication drawings

Qualified professionals ensure superior quality control, minimising errors and defects with flawless AutoCAD fabrication drawings, steel fabrication drawings and shop drawings for global prefabricated modular buildings and other prefabricated construction projects. In addition, our processes and design for modular building techniques and prefab construction are designed with the environment in mind, significantly reducing the ecological footprints of prefabricated buildings. Our prefabricated modular construction services ensure unmatched flexibility, accommodating a broad spectrum of design needs. Additionally, our approach aids significantly in reducing on-site disruptions during prefab construction, ensuring smoother project timelines and minimising the impact on surrounding areas.

Supporting prefabricated modular construction services for prefabricated modular buildings, modular healthcare buildings and varied prefabricated construction projects comprehensively throughout all design stages, such as Concept Design, Design Development and Construction Documentation, global structural design firms can outsource fabrication drawings to us for steel fabrication drawings, detailed fabrication drawings and shop drawings as part of the best services being offered in the prefab building construction industry worldwide for elegant prefabricated buildings and prefabrication and modular construction.

Spanning initial planning stages to final execution, the services we provide for prefabricated buildings, modular healthcare buildings and diverse prefabricated construction projects include valuable expertise, experience and creativity for firms outsourcing design for modern modular building techniques, using AutoCAD, Revit and Bluebeam for collaboration purposes.

High-quality prefabricated shop drawings for prefabricated modular buildings can infuse projects with efficiency and innovation. We help mitigate the challenges facing contractors today and the continuous need for construction to progress effectively.


Reliable design consultants ensure comprehensive design support, CAD drawing services and flawless fabrication shop drawings and engineering fabrication drawings for various project types, such as:

Software Expertise

Skillful and experienced design consultants help us provide high-quality detailed fabrication drawings with their proficiency on these software tools for different building challenges, including providing CAD drafting services and solutions: