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Scan to BIM

Converting point cloud and raw laser survey data into sophisticated 3D scan to Revit BIM (building information modelling) models, we provide scan to BIM services and point cloud modelling services, such as developing accurate architectural and building services models to depict existing buildings.

Precise and vast amounts of data in 3D point clouds are converted to object-based BIM models in scan to BIM modelling, with extensive data on construction materials, conditions and costs during our 3D modelling services and point cloud modelling services. We create accurate point cloud to 3D models and then BIM models for as-built purposes, retrofit, refurbishment and renovation projects as part of our specialised 3D laser scan to BIM and scan to BIM services.

Our point cloud modelling services involve BIM and VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) experts who handle large volumes of surveyed data and convert information from 3D point clouds and point cloud to 3D models for existing buildings and develop intelligent scan to BIM modelling for new/renovated areas in a building.

Our scan to BIM services and 3D modelling services based on 3D point clouds include models that feature:

  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Ceilings/false ceilings
  • Internal walls
  • Additional structural elements
  • MEP fittings


Reliable design consultants ensure comprehensive design support, create point cloud to 3D models and provide scan to BIM modelling and scan to BIM services for various project types, such as:

Software Expertise

Skillful and experienced design consultants help us provide high-quality 3D modelling services with their proficiency on these software tools for different building challenges, including providing CAD drafting services and solutions: