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Electrical Design

Proper electrical design is vital component of electrical design and engineering for building services engineering consultants to create a comfortable and productive environment. Flawless MEP Building Services (M&E building services), including precise electrical substation design, electrical design services, electrical CAD drawings, power system analysis and design and electrical engineering design services, by experienced electrical design engineers, electrical consulting companies and electrical design companies are responsible for ensuring that all electrical systems and electrical control panel design seamlessly integrate with the overall interior design and cater to the functional requirements of the space.

Appropriate lighting, easily achievable when an electrical design company or electrical engineering consultancy services provides the right electrical CAD drawings and electrical design services, can positively affect health and create the right mood, and accurate electrical design and engineering, including electrical panel design, are vital to the successful installation of electrical equipment.

With top-notch MEP Building Services (M&E building services) and electrical engineering design services, our electrical design engineers and mechanical and electrical consultants have been helping electrical design companies ensure that electrical control panel design, electrical substation design, power system analysis and design, engineering services design and electrical systems are sized and positioned correctly according to national electrical codes by providing these schematic electrical design services for sound electrical design and engineering strategies, such as:

  • Electrical calculations using PowerCAD, Electrical OM
  • Discrimination study
  • Lighting calculations using DIALux, DIALux evo, AGi32
  • Section J lighting calculations
  • Maximum demand calculations
  • Riser and panel schedule design
  • Electrical panel design
  • Spatial planning
  • Schematics and schedules
  • Power and lighting layouts
  • Specifications
  • Cost estimations, as per Rawlinsons
  • Shop drawings, O&M manual review

Reliable electrical design services and electrical CAD drawings provided by expert electrical design engineers can include high-quality electrical panel design, electrical substation design and power system analysis and design for firms in the domain.

XS CAD delivers diverse projects consistently and has amassed comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of electrical design services, electrical engineering design services, MEP Building Services (M&E building services), electrical control panel design, electrical CAD drawings and energy efficiency. We endeavour to keep our clients thoroughly informed during all design stages of a project. We are committed to research and development and carefully assess all needs and opportunities of project design.