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Progressing steadily and successfully
over 20 years

Progressing steadily and successfully over 20 years

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The XS CAD Story

Why Our Story Drives Our Success

Initially handling the ‘excess’ CAD (XS CAD) needs of our customers, we have evolved into a reliable solutions partner that is an integral part of our customers’ design workflow.

Driven by a UK-based management, protocols and corporate style, our India-based production centre quickly assimilated the UK work culture to shape our unique identity as XS CAD. We soon added offices in the US and Australia..

Early to adopt 3D design technology, we have extensive experience in validating design data to create clash-free models and drawings for the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.

Firm advocates of cloud-based collaborative technologies, we use BIM Collaborate Pro and other virtual tools for project sharing and online meetings. This enables us to work on projects simultaneously with customers, who can maintain sight and control of their projects.

Long, varied experience and comprehensive team expertise drive our success. A thorough quality assurance approach and sound project management principles throughout all the design stages also feature in this success.

As a member of the Autodesk Developer Network, we focus on quality-assured services for all our customers, and our consistent CRISIl rating of MSE 1 is a ratification of our stress on quality services.

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