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21 June 2022
Rony Fernandes

Does External 3D Rendering Improve Branding in Store Planning?

Individual identity has always been important, but the identity of a retail brand is crucial to its very survival. Branding defines what makes a retail outlet unique, what its special characteristics are and how it affects the consumer. Retailers spend a considerable amount of time, effort and expense on developing their brand, which is why planning, and specifically retail space planning, can be a game changer. While there are several methods to improve branding through store planning, external 3D rendering holds a few surprises.

Without doubt, 3D architectural renders help bring design intent and vision to life. Retailers can see their spaces from the outside, from the viewpoint of a potential customer, by creating 3D exterior outlining, with 3D exterior visualisation, or external 3D rendering.

How can high-quality exterior visualisation help retailers?

  • Guess work in retail space planning is virtually eliminated by viewing a clear and accurate representation of the design from an external perspective.
  • The approval process for new retail outlets can be accelerated when all project stakeholders can see the design rather than have to imagine it.

An exterior rendering brings imagination to life. Inspiring, motivating and communicating brand characteristics accurately, these images can showcase brand logos, colours and other unique brand characteristics. Views of the exterior can be used for brand promotions and marketing to reach investors or decision-makers.

The photorealistic qualities of a computer-generated 3D image and other 3D architectural visualisation services can also be utilised to help develop the branding strategy of a retail store, establishing the brand in the minds of customers, winning investors and marketing the retail space.

Exactly how does this occur?

  • Retail storefront renderings can show the viewer how the storefront will appear to window shoppers and serious shoppers alike, and if the tone of the rendered image suits the characteristics of the brand, the shopfront will then lure in both kinds of shoppers.
  • When project developers realise halfway through a project that the design is not feasible, it leads to all manner of nightmare situations, which can result in both costly remedies and extended project completion dates. Project stakeholders can be saved a certain amount of heartburn when they know exactly what the retail store will look like and be certain that it meets all the retailer’s requirements.
  • Different store facades can be tested through external 3D rendering, detecting any flaws, putting them right and perfecting the design while incorporating brand guidelines, all before materials are ordered and construction begins.
  • Brand icons and logos featured in the external space of a retail store can be enhanced by the building’s natural architectural qualities, such as colourful and dynamic visual effects, and by effective lighting. External 3D rendered images can accurately represent the details of the brand as represented through lighting.
  • Modern lights can be interactive or even musical. Retail CGI images in combination with audio technology can enhance the retail storytelling process, ensuring that the lighting matches brand guidelines.
  • Retail branding can be optimised on building façades with proper lighting and cladding elements to reinforce brand identity and individuality.

With the right 3D rendering services provider, retail design companies can make use of retail 3D modelling, BIM modelling services, retail building design services and other 3D visualisation services to improve branding in store planning.

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