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Retail 3D models
6 July 2022
Shalini John

How 3D Walk-throughs Best Represent Retail Concepts

Retail vision drives retail concepts, retail design and ultimately retail sales. A rendered 3D walk-through can showcase retail concepts effectively and accurately to key stakeholders and investors, creating a realistic vision of the design. Retail space planning of store furniture, fixtures, fittings, paint colours, wall art, electronic devices and the merchandise can be represented in a retail store 3D walk-through for viewers to get a realistic feel of what the final retail store would look like.

When project stakeholders see the retail brand colours and proper lighting, from different angles, they can quickly determine what needs to be added, removed, improved and modified. Retail concepts and branding are represented photorealistically, enabling stakeholders to make informed design decisions, take early corrective measures and collaborate seamlessly with the design and technical teams.

For retailers, 3D walk-throughs can benefit the design and representation of retail concepts on both retail store exteriors and interiors.

  • 3D Exterior Visualisations – Detailed exterior images can be included in 3D walk-throughs to show fully textured visuals that closely resemble the completed retail store from a street view, showing the effect of different wall claddings and signages.
  • 3D Interior Visualisations – Interior visuals can show the effect of colour, light and texture on the retail space to more easily conceptualise the retail space and envision how to include retail concepts and retail brand characteristics as part of the interiors.

The key to representing retail concepts is the finishing touch, which may include art and accessories. Anything from books, trays, vases and clever displays can have a significant impact on retail design. Utilising 3D walk-throughs help retailers identify areas in need of added depth, texture or colour, using the right accessories to emphasise the retail brand.

Detailed 3D walk-throughs can help retailers understand what’s missing in the retail space or whether it is too neutral, too bare or too cluttered. Does it effectively represent the brand concept? Brand features can be positioned in unusual ways to see how it feels.

  • Floral arrangements and accessories, fresh flowers and plants bring luxury to any space, which would fit in seamlessly at the retail store of a luxury brand.
  • Bookshelves bring sophistication and interest to a retail space while providing a contrasting color scheme against the wall colour for niche products, such as organic cosmetics and food products.

Some of the strategies to efficiently represent retail concepts include the following:

Attractive Visual Merchandising

Innovative visual merchandising in shop windows will attract shoppers. Use 3D walk-throughs to explore creative interpretations, while placing the merchandise in the centre of the display, explaining the brand concept.

Slow Down Customer Flow

Immersive experiences along the store layout can slow down customers. Placing key merchandise strategically along the customer flow path can help slow shoppers down. Brand concepts can be highlighted at these displays, and this effect can be viewed in 3D walk-throughs.

Creative Store Design

As more shoppers are buying products online, it is essential for brands to make their retail spaces attractive and interactive. An enticing physical experience is the trump card that retail stores hold over e-commerce. Retail interior design can experiment with bold elements to showcase brands through clever colour choices, bold signage and innovative designs. All of these elements can be experienced and modified in 3D walk-throughs, saving time and money.

Airy Store Design

Retailers must give their consumers some breathing space. Busy, crowded retail environments can give shoppers the impression that the merchandise does not consist of quality products. Spaces in the retail store floor layout allow customers opportunities to think, move around freely and easily register brand concepts. Retailers can understand this customer experience through 3D walk-throughs.

For accurate and photorealistic retail 3D modelling and retail 3D rendering, retailers can find 3D visualisation services and 3D walk-through services providers offshore. With attractive and detailed 3D retail store walk-throughs, retail store building design can effectively represent retail concepts.

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