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Dynamo for Construction
28 July 2022
Nitesh Panchal

How Can Using Dynamo for AEC Projects Usher in Greater Productivity?

Faster, better, stronger – paraphrasing the Olympic motto, every construction firm can identify with increasing productivity in a highly competitive arena – completing projects faster, with utmost accuracy and able to develop improved skills. Dynamo is an open-source platform that can help achieve these goals. Using Dynamo can help deliver Revit design and drafting and Revit modelling services in construction planning with significant accuracy, increasing the levels of productivity in the whole process. Using Dynamo can save up to 80% of the time generally spent on project delivery.

An open-source platform, such as Dynamo, has a source code that is readily accessible and can be modified or enhanced by anyone using any software program. Users are granted permission to repair broken links, modify the design or improve the original code. It also:

  • Doesn’t need a license
  • Is part of Revit
  • Is a virtual programming language
  • Modifies certain processes
How does it work?

Scripts are created for several processes, which would otherwise be repetitive and take a long time. Nodes are used to create scripts to modify just about anything. A package is created using multiple nodes, and packages are used to run applications, create scripts, open scripts and run scripts. Some of the scripts can:

  • Align and format selected tags on drawings and models
  • Specify spacing between tags
  • Modify dimensions
  • Make annotations, specify categories
  • Generate a series of views from parent layouts
  • Align views on sheet wherever needed

In addition, a basic model can be created in Advance Steel using Dynamo. Advance Steel software is used for 3D modelling and detailing of steel structures and the automatic creation of fabrication drawings, bill of materials. Advance Steel is useful for:

  • Steel modelling
  • Creating parametric steel connections
  • Modelling quickly, efficiently and accurately with a customisable library of steel connections
  • Identifying and modelling non-structural building elements quickly and accurately, such as stairs and cage ladders.
  • Creating 3D folded elements of any sheet metal shape quickly

Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel
Use Dynamo’s visual programming language with Advance Steel can help create parametrically driven geometries for complex structures.

Further benefits ensue from using Dynamo.

5 Important Features of Dynamo

1) Visual Scripting
Dynamo uses a visual programming method that resembles a flow chart, with lines connecting different processes. It increases the readability of the code while decreasing the time taken to learn it. In fact, it can be easier to understand than a text file of code. Dynamo can control almost every function in Revit and can use other data sources

2) Industry Interest
Using Dynamo is becoming popular globally, with an active community regularly writing Dynamo scripts. The popularity of Dynamo is sustained and becoming organised. This enthusiasm can increase productivity, signaling growth for the firm and an improvement in staff retention.

3) Compound Benefits
By automating a task in Dynamo, a firm can save time in a compounding way.

  • Automated tasks can be used on all future projects.
  • It is possible to build on top of existing scripts, making them sophisticated, versatile and potent. Functionality can be added to a script, building on previous work.
  • Compounding effects related to staff include faster work, increasing productivity. The first time, writing a script will take time. Subsequent attempts will be much faster, and then others can be trained.
  • Skills grow, the code improves and Dynamo can be used for other functions in the firm.

4) Tech Connector
Dynamo can be integrated into almost any other platform that has an API, or application programming interface, which is, in essence, a connection between computers or between programs. This software interface can integrate into other business processes.

5) Business Strategy
If it can be measured, it can be improved, Using Dynamo can result in lower billed hours, and not investing in it may result in being left out.

Benefits of Dynamo

In a nutshell, the benefits of using Dynamo include:

  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Automation
  • Customisation of the workflow
  • Usefulness for repetitive tasks in MEP, architecture

Dynamo can boost growth while improving productivity. By eliminating manual, repetitive processes and managing other processes by connecting to other platforms and systems, Dynamo can help create business strategies that bolster productivity gains. With the right partner that understands Dynamo and its capabilities, accurate MEP 3D models can be created quickly as part of engineering design services or building design and engineering and architecture services. Every Dynamo script can be a springboard for greater productivity. Thus, Dynamo can cause a domino effect.

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