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AU 2017 exhibition
1 November 2017

AU 2017 | Las Vegas, XS CAD Selected as Speaker for Classes by AU Panelists

XS CAD is looking forward to delivering an Autodesk University 2017 Class for the first time, at the AU exhibition in November, as well as exhibiting at Booth A325. Kuldeep Bwail (Director) and Paul Fiore (VP Strategic Solutions) have been selected by Autodesk University (AU) panelists as speakers for one of the AU 2017 classes in Las Vegas. The topic will be ‘How Collaboration for Revit is Fostering MEP BIM Project Execution’. AU panelists unanimously selected the topic based on the latest trends in the construction industry. XS CAD is an early adopter of BIM360 and C4R technology and has used the platform for global project delivery. As such, the company is willing to share its insights and experiences when using the technology for MEP coordination projects.

Class details – Date: Nov. 16, 2017 (Thursday), Duration: 2:15pm – 3.15pm


As the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) continues to grow, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) design and MEP spatial coordination is at a particularly interesting stage. The need for both design information inputs and the sharing of design updates from architects, structural engineers, and various specialist MEP designers increases risk and pressure for MEP coordination teams. Collaboration for Revit cloud service provides a platform for a new level of buy-in and adoption. Collaboration for Revit provides many benefits, including the ability to house central files. This has led to increasing levels of engagement and improved, timely output. In this class, participants will learn how to manage MEP BIM projects using Revit MEP and Navisworks and understand the benefits of Collaboration for Revit in effective MEP coordination.

Learning Objective:
  • Understand MEP BIM Workflow
  • Understand how C4R enables broader participation of MEP coordination
  • See how MEP spatial coordination workflow improves with C4R
  • Understand design certainty increase due to BIM and C4R
  • Undertaking multiple video conferences for internal and external collaborations
Who Can Attend?
  • BIM/VDC managers
  • Building services engineers, construction engineers, structural engineers, CAD managers, construction managers, project managers, technical managers
  • Drafter executives/corporate managers
  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) engineers
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