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XS CAD during Covid-19
3 March 2021

Business as Usual with XS CAD during Covid-19

As the Coronavirus continues to inhabit our world and work, we continue to adapt.

At this time, we can solve new challenges and explore opportunities. Our data-driven processes help you, our customers, optimise your work. Though it is difficult to predict how long the current situation may endure, we can all rebound with resilience by ensuring high standards, training and seamless support.

At XS CAD, we use a range of online tools and technologies to share data, manage projects, ensure confidentiality and collaborate.

We continue to respond to Covid-19 circumstances by:

  • Using secure cloud-based solutions for file storage and file sharing
  • Hosting our project management and project delivery platforms within secure, cloud-based solutions.
  • Enabling flexible and secure remote working arrangements, monitored constantly to ensure data integrity
  • Undertaking multiple, daily video conference meetings to collaborate internally and with our customers
  • Utilising the latest online technology for technical training and IT and HR support

Despite various global lockdown periods, XS CAD achieved the following milestones during the pandemic:

  • Maintaining almost all customer service contracts and even providing larger teams for fluctuations in demand.
  • Renewing our ISO 9001:2015 certification quality management URS ISO 9001:2015 certification amid several challenges. The ISO 9001:2015 structure is required by companies using a multiple management system, focusing on risk management, communication and leadership and streamlining the process for affiliation with other management systems, enabling XS CAD to consistently provide products and services of a certain quality.
  • Earning the CRISIL ‘MSE 1’ rating for the fourth consecutive year, being accredited the highest credit worthiness in relation to other MSEs (micro and small enterprises). Scoring high on financial strength (FS) and operating performance (OP), the prestigious accreditation endorses XS CAD’s reliability in delivering its services across the world.
  • Renewing our training division Grey Edge’s ATC (Autodesk Authorised Training Centre) certification and continuing to deliver high-quality product training as an Autodesk Learning Partner.

XS CAD is deeply committed to providing high-quality services to our customers, while responding rapidly to any new developments that the unpredictable nature of the pandemic may present. We draw on our assets – our human resources, infrastructure and experience – to maintain business continuity during these times.

We are open to new business and new customers, who are continuing operations, relying on our support to ensure their own business continuity.

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