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XS CAD accreditation
2 June 2023

Top Standard & Poor’s Rating for XS CAD!

CRISIL (S&P’s division) has awarded XS CAD a Grade 1 rating, demonstrating overall credit worthiness through analysis of its operational and financial indicators.

XS CAD has received this CRISIL top rating for the sixth time. This rating endorses the reliability of
XS CAD’s global services and is awarded after a review of:

  • Managerial expertise
  • Organisational structure & stability
  • Operational efficiency & profitability
  • Credit protection methods
  • Financial flexibility

Detailed analysis by CRISIL helps XS CAD review, strengthen and improve its performance and operations to better serve customers.

Please contact us at info@xscad.com to understand how this rating provides assurance of our financial strength and operational productivity.


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