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earth week celebration & certificate
9 May 2023

XS CAD Celebrates Earth Week & Receives Green Certificate!

XS CAD practised environmentally friendly activities during the entire week leading up to Earth Day, April 22 and earned a green certificate in recognition.

Participating in the #ecowithnasscom campaign, team members were encouraged to practice0 sustainable habits, such as using public transport, carpooling, donating e-waste for recycling and reusing materials during XS CAD’s Earth Week.

At XS CAD, e-waste collected from team members was donated to Mercury Metal Industries for environmentally friendly disposal. As a result, XS CAD received a green certificate for its efforts towards a cleaner and greener environment.

Additionally, team members showed their dedication to this cause by cycling or walking to the office, reducing paper usage and wearing earth colours. XS CAD is happy to contribute now and in the future to a sustainable future.


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