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Floor Planner tool
7 February 2023

XS CAD Launches ‘Floor Planner’ Tool!

New and exciting, XS CAD launches ‘Floor Planner’, a tool that helps users customise floor plans for their homes. Homebuilders can host this tool on their website to help home buyers make an informed decision before construction begins.

How Does the Floor Planner Work?

  • Select structural options offered by the homebuilder on each floor plan.
  • Drag, drop, rotate and set dimensions of furniture on a floor plan.
  • Flip, reset, add notes to and email the customised floor plan to the homebuilder before a face-to-face meeting.

In addition, XS CAD separately offers attractive exterior rendered images featured in the floor planner interface. Creating detailed 3D interior rendered images, walk-throughs, 3D street scenes and photorealistic residential perspectives are additional services.

For over two decades, XS CAD’s skilled drafters, modellers and visualisers have been drafting, modelling and rendering homes, delivering high-quality architectural drawings and rendered images.

This new tool helps homebuilders showcase their floor plans to attract and engage home buyers, generating potential sales.


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