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15 January 2024

XS CAD Prioritises Employee Wellness with Collaborative Health Drive

XS CAD successfully completed a collaborative health drive with Café Nutrition, specialists in clinical nutrition. This initiative underscores XS CAD’s unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of its employees.

Café Nutrition’s comprehensive health scan involved a thorough body composition analysis, with specific focus on visceral fat, muscle-fat analysis and obesity assessment, for each employee, providing valuable insights.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the analysis, Café Nutrition’s clinical nutritionist meticulously explained each report parameter and offered personalised insights, thus empowering employees to make informed wellness choices.

As part of the health drive, Café Nutrition organised an engaging webinar, covering healthy living, nutritious eating habits, practical meal planning strategies and the impact of dietary choices on long-term health. The webinar enabled employees to interactively engage with nutrition experts and gain valuable knowledge.

This health drive aligns with XS CAD’s ongoing commitment to fostering a workplace culture that prioritises employee health and wellness, helping employees take proactive steps towards long-term well-being.

XS CAD extends its heartfelt gratitude to Café Nutrition for their collaboration and expertise in conducting this health drive and also acknowledges the active participation of its team members.


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